Perfect two..💋

��This is about 2 girls Named Crystal and Emily. "Milly" for Short. They are Famous Youtubers, living together in a Flat. They are in Love with 1D & 5sos! Until One Knock on the Door and one Interview Changes there Lives forever. They Soon Realize There's only one direction and it takes 5 seconds. They also Realize who The actual Perfect two are.��


2. ѕυяρяιѕє!!

💋*Crystal's POV*💋

After getting my Cookie Monster onesie with a Obey beanie and some Adidas slippers I decided I was ready to have a movie night with Milly.

Once I got to the movie room I couldn't find Milly so I decided to look for her in the kitchen. Once I saw the that she wasn't there I decided to check in her room . On the way to the her room I see her frozen looking at the open door.

"Milly I was looking for you but I couldn't find you, what's going on?",I asked her trying to look at who's at the door.

"Milly I'm waiting , who's at the door?",I asked again

"It's one direction and 5 seconds of summer", Milly said in with a frozen smile on her face.

"Milly if this is for eating your Nutella sandwich the other day , I make you another one but don't joke around like that", I said looking at Milly like she's crazy.

"May we please come in?", said someone with a deep British accent that sounded like music to my ears.

" yeah , please come in ", said Milly

In came One direction and 5 seconds of summer. I was frozen for 10 seconds then decided to play it cool and say hello to them .

"sup ",I said with a small head nod

To them. They all said hello back and sat down on the couches.

"Were sorry if were interrupting something ", said Niall in his cute Irish accent.

🍃Millys POV🍃

I was Frozen. I had 3 things

Flowing through my head; 1. Wtf is one direction & 5sos doing in my house!! -not like it's a bad thing tho..

2.they look so perfect in person😍

3. Why am I still frozen!!

I came back to Reality while luke was Gesturing his hands in my Face. I heard Crystal calling who was at the door.

"It's one direction and five seconds of summer" I said. "If this is for eating Your Nutella sandwich I'm sorry. But don't joke around like that" said Crystal, while walking to the Door. She froze for like 10 seconds until Harry asked

"May we come in?" , "yeah sure" I said as I sat them at the couch. I couldn't beleve what I was seeing THE ONE DIRECTION and THE 5SOS is in Our Home. "Hope we aren't interrupting anything" Niall sai in his Cute Irish accent.

💋*Crystals POV*💋

"Were sorry if were interrupting something ", said Niall in his funny Irish accent. " our bus just Broke down right outside of your apparment and we were wondering If we can stay here till our bus is fixed", asked Liam .

"Just give us a minute guys ", I said to them. We walked to the kitchen to talk about the boys staying over.

Oops ,I forgot to tell you guys we also have 3 extra rooms which two we don't use much because their the guest rooms and one that's our music room.

"Milly there's only 2 guest rooms with a king size bed so we can fit 6 boys in then 3 from one direction and 3 from 5sos in two rooms and one can sleep in the couch. But there's also two boys left so they might have to sleep with us on in our rooms", I told Milly

"Yeah I guess that's what we're gonna have to do. Can you settle theroom arrangements while I call my mami & Papi cause I haven't called them en un tiempo", said Milly while picking up her iPhone to call her parents in the Dominican Republic Since they went to visit some family members .

"Sure , bengo ahora ", I told Milly. I decided to go tell the boys their room arrangements .

"Boys we only have 2 quests rooms with king sized beds so 3 from one direction and 3 from 5sos can take them.", I told them

"I'll take it ", said zayn , Louis and Niall at the same time as Ashton , Calum and Michael .

"Alright boys I'll show you your rooms , follow me ", I took them to the two rooms and told them if they need anything to just ask me.

I went to the living room and found the other boys talking about football.

"Alright guys one of you can sleep in the couch and two of you have to sleep with us in our bed ." I told them.

"I'll take it", said Liam already laying down on it.

"Okay so which one of you boys is going to sleep in my room", I asked Harry and Luke.

" I will and Luke would sleep in your friends room ", said Harry . "Okay Harry then fallow me ,and Luke I'm gonna take you to Milly's room just fallow along ", I told them . When we got to Milly's I knocked on the door and Milky yelled come in.

"Luke Is staying with you and Harry with me , I just brought Luke here so he can know where your room is ", I told Milly .

"Good night Milly and Good nigh Luke , remember to always eat bacon bye.", I yelled at Milly while closing the door.

"Looks like it's just you and me", said Harry with a Smirk.

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