Perfect two..๐Ÿ’‹

��This is about 2 girls Named Crystal and Emily. "Milly" for Short. They are Famous Youtubers, living together in a Flat. They are in Love with 1D & 5sos! Until One Knock on the Door and one Interview Changes there Lives forever. They Soon Realize There's only one direction and it takes 5 seconds. They also Realize who The actual Perfect two are.��


6. youtubers!๐Ÿ’


It was morning again so we decided to make breakfast for the boys again. To our supprize the boys were already cooking breakfast , they looked like they showered and we ready to start the day .

" guys what are you doing ? Your not suppose to be cooking if you guys are out guest ." Said Milly while trying to shove the guys out of the kitchen. " well we decided to thank you for letting us stay here by making you girls breakfast ." Said Niall while eating a sandwich. " well that's very sweet of you guys ." I told the guys while giving them a big smile .

" Hey guys in about a hour Milly & me are going to record a YouTube video for this week and we were wondering if you guys wanted to be part of it ?." I asked all the boys while eating the breakfast the boys made for Milly & me.

" we would love to be part of your YouTube video , I knew we knew you girls from somewhere ." Said Louis while getting up and getting some juice from the fridge. " Ok guys Me & Milly are going to shower then we would set everything up everything in the video room." I told the boys while getting up . " ohh and guys there's a video game room upstairs to your left just in case you get bored .", said Milly while walking to her room to shower.

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