Perfect two..๐Ÿ’‹

��This is about 2 girls Named Crystal and Emily. "Milly" for Short. They are Famous Youtubers, living together in a Flat. They are in Love with 1D & 5sos! Until One Knock on the Door and one Interview Changes there Lives forever. They Soon Realize There's only one direction and it takes 5 seconds. They also Realize who The actual Perfect two are.��


3. Woah..

๐ŸŒ*HARRY POV*๐ŸŒ *BEFORE they showed up at Milly & Crystals Flat*

"Damn it Niall! Why did you Eat my Bananas AGAIN.?

"Because I was hungry , the usual Harry." Said Niall laughing.

I really get Aggravated that we need to HIDE our food from Niall. "Well , no snack for me then. Thanks, Niall."

"Can't we just go to Nandos?" Niall asked our Tour bus driver. "Sure. But we need to be at the hotel in 3 hours. Or your Sleeping in here."

"Ok then we better hurry." Said Niall with a Smile.

I went to sit down in the Couch , when there was a Weird noise and a "THUMP!" "Thump!"

"What was that?!?" Said Liam startled.

"Sorry guys , I think the bus Ran out of Gas..stay in here while I go Fill it up with some Extra that I got in the Back."

Everyone Nodded and sat down Again.

20 minutes Later the tour bus driver Came back in.

"Uhh...guys sorry I think u guys need to Stay in here for Today until a tow truck comes tomarow . This bus doesn't want to Function correctly.

"What?!? Mate I can't Today. I have a Date with perrie today."

"Well sorry zayn, you need to stay here. You go out there and walk you will get Jumped by screaming girls, your lucky that the tour Bus stopped in the Side Of this Flat where we aren't really noticed." Said The tour bus driver very Seriouse.

"Why don't we ask the people In that Flat if we Can stay in there? Because in here people can easily Identify the bus."

"Harry c'mon? You can't just Go to someone's house and ask to Stay there." Said Paul.

"C'mon mate? Just let us stay there we Can't sleep in here if There are screaming girls outside our Bus" said Louis.

"Ugh..ok your right..let's ask BUT I need to Come with you all ."

"Wait what about 5sos? They Can't go in the hotel without us. Paps would Wonder and come looking for us." I said.

"Harry's got a Point." Said Niall

"Ok. I'll call them over and we will All stay in That flat. Hopefully they Will say yes. And Hopefully they Will Have enough room."

โœจ*MILLY POV*โœจ

Omg. This actually can't be Happening. Luke Hemmings is going to sleep in MY room. Oh god I Had fancied him Out of the Whole Band for 3 years!

"Nice posters.." Luke said when I opened my room. Oh god Why didn't I take them down when he was Downstairs?? He thinks I'm a freak or something!

"Oh..uhh yeah haha.." Is all I said. I feel my Cheeks Getting hot. I was Blushing, I was So embaresed!

"It's ok that means your a fan .? We love our fans." He said with His beautifull warming smile that I can Due for.

"Aww well the fans love you too. Shall we go to bed now?" I said with A Giggle.

"We shall, what side of the bed do u sleep on babe?" He said with That Smirk that Makes me want to kiss him so bad right now. And OMFG HE CALLED ME BABE.

"I sleep in all sides really." I giggled.

"Oh so You don't really have a side? Me neither.." He said with A Smirk. Is it just me or does he Smirk a lot?

I woke up at around 9:00 and luke was cuddling me. I repeat , CUDDLING ME. actually , with me. I was cuddling back. Oh God I wish I can stay like this forever but , I need to Make them breakfast and practice songs with Crystal.

I went downstairs and I didn't see Crystal there so I waited. By eating Cereal and watching Mean Girls. I don't care how old that Movie is I still love it. It's my Favorite movie ever.

" Good morning Millybear , let's work on some songs in the music room?" Said Crystal while coming downstairs.

"Yeah but let's make breakfast for the boys first" I said.

After we made breakfast we went to Practice our song "Oath".

Crystal started rapping and I started to Record

๐Ÿ’‹*Crystal's POV*๐Ÿ’‹

"Looks like it's just you and me" ,Said Harry once we got to my room.

"Nice poster's ", Harry said with a smirk on his face.

"Ehh thank you..." I told him while blushing a little.

" which side of the bed could I sleep on?", Asked Harry

" take the left side , the right side is my sleeping side", I said

"Okay well Good night babe", he said while getting in his side of the bed.

"Good night Harry ", I said to him while getting on my side of the bed

* A few hours later*

I woke up at 9:30 in the morning and brushed my hair and teeth , I found Milly in the living watching mean girls, while eating some cereal with milk .

" Good morning Millybear , let's work on some songs in the music room?", I asked Milly so we can Finish them.

"Yeah sure but first lets make the guys some breakfast", said Milly while getting up from the couch and walking to the kitchen with me.

*half an hour later*

We were done with making pancakes with bacon and egg so we decided to go to the music room.

"Let's work on Oath ", I told Milly while getting in the recording set.

"Yeah let's work on the rap part first", said Milly while putting the on air sign so I can start rapping .

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