Perfect two..💋

��This is about 2 girls Named Crystal and Emily. "Milly" for Short. They are Famous Youtubers, living together in a Flat. They are in Love with 1D & 5sos! Until One Knock on the Door and one Interview Changes there Lives forever. They Soon Realize There's only one direction and it takes 5 seconds. They also Realize who The actual Perfect two are.��


4. Tattoos & piercings


" Milly I think the boys woke up with our loud singing and rapping let's check on them" , I said to Milly.

" yeah let's see what they are doing " , said Milly. When we got to the living room we found the boys in weird poses , they looked like a group of weird people trying to "act normal" .

Harry was In a twerking position , Louis had a banana on his hand but was frozen , Liam had a book but it was upside down , and zayn had this weird awkward face on and was on a squat position. For the 5sos boys , luke was laying on our couch grabbing the cushions as if they were boobs , Calum was trying to do a split and was mid way there, Michael had his hands on his hips like a chicken, and Ashton was just randomly staring at the ground like it's was the most amazing thing on earth.

We all looked at each other really weirdly . " If you guys are hungry we made you pancakes they are at the kitchen", Milly told them .

My iPhone light up showing me that I got a message from the tattoo & piercing shop down the road where my friend Romeo works at. You might know him , he tattoo's a lot of celebrities . The message was a reminder of mine and Milly's appointment to get tattoo's & piercings at 1:30 in the afternoon .

After we served the boys some drinks it was 11:15 . The boys decided they wanted to go with us to get the tattoo's & piercings so they wanted to shower and change. We only had 3 bathrooms so Calum , Harry and Luke took them first . One of the boys phone ringed , Liam picked up and talked for about 2 minutes. " Paul just called and said tomorrow we have to leave cause the tour bus is going to be ready to go our hotel.", said Liam while sitting on the couch again.


"Milly are you ready?", Asked Crystal as she entered my room.

"Just a Sec I just need to grab my Purse", I said smiling

"Okay we will be Waiting downstairs" , said Crystal

Once I grabbed my purse I headed downstairs.

"Wow you look very beautiful", said luke smiling

"Thank you , you look very handsome as well", I said smiling back.

Everyone just looked at me an luke blushing at eachother.

"Woah I think luke isn't going back home single aren't you lukey?",

Said Michael smirking.

"Stop it", said luke blushing

"Okay guys the shop is going to close in 2 hours and I don't know how much people are in there so let's go", said Crystal

"Legoo", said Crystal & Harry at the same time.

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