A perfect fairy tale

Anna is a shy girl, who is best friends with Niall Horon. They've been friends for years, but does Niall think of Anna as a best friend or closer than that? Please read and comment :) ~Alanna


3. The Mall

I woke up at 7am and took a shower. After my shower I got dressed in shorts and a tiger sweater and black vans, I pulled my hair into a messy bun. I looked at my phone to check the time and I saw that I had a text message from Niall. I unlocked my phone to read it. (N=Niall, A=Anna)

N: hey, are you busy today? :)

A: no, y? :P

N : wanna go to the mall?

A: sure, what time?

N: 1pm?

A: ok

N: c u

A: yup


At the mall we looked at Hot topic, and I got 3 bags of clothes, and accessories and Niall got 2 bags. We went to lids and we got matching anchor hats and I got a few other hats and so did Niall. We went to vans and got shoes. After shopping we dropped off our bags at my house then we went to the park, where we usually hang out. Niall picked me up and dropped me onto the swings then he went into the swing next to me. As we were swinging, Niall looked at me and said "so Anna, how are you?" "Good I guess" I said looking at him. "Why?" I giggled a bit. "Because, I wanted to know, is there something wrong with that?" Niall said as he chuckled. "No" I replied. All of a sudden he started tickling me and I was screaming with laughter. Then he put me on his back and ran to my house. He dropped me off, grabbed his bags and said "bye, I'll text you later" "ok" I said.

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