A perfect fairy tale

Anna is a shy girl, who is best friends with Niall Horon. They've been friends for years, but does Niall think of Anna as a best friend or closer than that? Please read and comment :) ~Alanna


4. The Fight

It was lunch, 4 period, and everyone was crowded in a circle. I found Niall and asked him what was happening. He just turned me around and I saw for myself. Brittany (Tasha's best friend, a fake Barbie who kissed any guy that wanted her to) and Lauren ( Tasha's friend, and Brittany's friend, who is kinda a fake Barbie) we're fighting. Well just shouting and pulling hair. "Ahhh! Hey slut, calm down ok? Your hair is way wack and mine is perf! So gtfo!!!" Lauren screamed at Brittany. "Aw, I'm sorry baby did you actually think you are perf? That's cute. How about wake up and stay of my man!!!" Brittany yelled back to Lauren. "Your man?!" Lauren yelled back. "Ya bitch, my man!!!" Brittany screamed shoving Lauren. "Look. Obviously Jason likes me, not you, so back off slut!!!" Lauren shouted putting her hands on her waist. (Jason was a popular jock, friends with Niall, he was decent, all the girls but me like him...) "ya ok sure, in your dreams Hun!" Brittany yelled losing her voice from screaming. "Stop!!!! Ok? I don't like either of you... Yet." Jason said breaking the fight. Everyone walked away after that. I must say, out of everyone I wouldn't expect those too barbies to fight, especially because they are "besties" but whatever drama queens. As I was walking home, I realized someone had stuck a paper in my back pack because it was falling out. I opened the paper and all it had on it was a picture of me sitting on the park bench, listening to music, and doodling. It had a caption underneath it that said "what a model <3" I was so confused. I stuck it back in my back pack and walked home.

------------------------------------------ hello my kittens, suspense in this chapter? Haha! I hope you liked it! Please leave comments and continue reading!!! Have a good day! ~Alanna

Ps. My phone is doing something weird, sorry for the weird italicized and bold font and weird stuff, sorry my kittens I'll try to fix it!

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