A perfect fairy tale

Anna is a shy girl, who is best friends with Niall Horon. They've been friends for years, but does Niall think of Anna as a best friend or closer than that? Please read and comment :) ~Alanna


2. School

I arrived at school and went to my locker. "Ugh" I whispered to myself as I saw Tasha ( the mean girl A.K.A the fake Barbie bitch slut who thinks she's queen or whatever) as she walked up to me she applied some bright orange lipgloss because it's "in" or whatever. "Ew why does she always try to hurt me?" I thought in my head as she ape itched me. " oh hey small fry, do you mind if I see your shirt?" Tasha said as she looked me up and down as if looking for any imperfection to point out as always. "Aw, how cute, you think you're wearing cute clothes. Oh honey, keep trying, but fashion isn't your thing it's mine, ok? Cool, now get out of my way before I make you!" Tasha said as she pushed my into my locker. Niall would have defended me if he wasn't talking to his friends. I trudged to my classes. School was horrible. It was slow and rude. Gahhh! I quickly ran home after school, walked up the stairs to my room, and flopped on my bed. Rose (my "mom") came up the stairs, knocked on my door and said "hey sweetie! How was school? Dad will be home soon" "oh, um, school was fine, and ok tell Robert (my "dad") I'm going to the park and I'll be home to talk to you guys at dinner. Ok?" I said, "ok sure" rose said.

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