A perfect fairy tale

Anna is a shy girl, who is best friends with Niall Horon. They've been friends for years, but does Niall think of Anna as a best friend or closer than that? Please read and comment :) ~Alanna


6. Meeting Harry

Niall and I were at the park, and he was singing "the story of my life" . When he finished a brittish voice said "wow, singing to a girl without me? Ouch!" I turned around, and it was Harry styles, Niall's best friend as well as band member.Niall looked at him and said" hey Harry, this is Anna, Anna this is Harry" Harry winked at me as Niall introduced me. "Hi" I said quietly. "So what's up?" Harry said looking at Niall. "Just hanging out" Niall said smiling at me. ------------------

Niall's POV:

"Um, Harry can I talk to you for a minute" I said. Anna looked kinda sad when I said that. " ok " Harry said following me a few feet away from Anna. "So... Is this the Anna you like?" Harry said chuckling. "Well yes, but I think she likes Damen, and you can't flirt with her or she'll like you and Damen, and not me" I said frowning. "Ok, you have my word, if you need help text me." Harry said.--------------

Harry's POV:

Man, Anna is gorgeous, it's gonna be hard not flirting. I hope Niall does well.

Anna's POV:

"What did you talk about?" I said biting my lip looking at Niall as he sat next to me. "Don't worry about it" he said at he looked at me and smiled. "Oh god, I hate this... Do I like Damen, Niall, Or Harry?" I thought to myself.


Oh!!!! What do you think my kittens? Sorry if it's bad. Comment who you think Anna should/shouldn't like and why! Love you kittens! ~Alanna

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