Out of My Limit

5SOS FANFICTION: YES FAMOUSE: Bryne Brisbane is an average 5SOS fan and is madly in love with Ashton but when she gets picked to meet and greet Luke, she's disappointed is about to give up her ticket until something happens...


5. #stuff

Day 2

Bryne's POV

I feel so happy, happy enough to forgive Bella. I logged on to kik.

bryneirwin: hey

Bella345HemmingsEspinosa: hi

bryneirwin: r u still mad?

Bella345HemmingsEspinosa:of course bitch


She blocked me. What a bitch.

Luke's POV

Calum: Hey Luke guess what? I'm not busy today

You: thanks but i don't need help

Calum: Yeah but I'm lonely tho 

You: alright today we're climbing up a mountain and having a picnic up there

Calum: So romantic

You: nah not really i was supposed to do that haha

Calum: I thought so.

For the picnic I packed coke, pizza, and.. napkins. I went to pick her up and we had breakfast at Scrambl'z and she basically ate everything. We went to pick Calum up. He was waiting outside the door with his arms folded.

"How late do you people have your breakfast? I'm starving!" He whined.

"Um what are you talking about Calum?" I asked."We already had breakfast I thought you were eating breakfast."

"Uh well you were wrong."

I could hear Bryne laughing in the back.. or giggling.

"Sorry Cal, do you want some McDonalds?"

"NO. I have a granola bars." He said. (i did granola barS on purpose)

"You sure?"


Bryne's POV

Oh my god, Calum is so hot. He and Michael are my second favorite, I mean oh lord, I just wanna kiss him so bad. But gotta play it cooooooool. I went to the back of the car and grabbed red lipstick out of my purse and smacked it back and forth on my lips. I felt gorgeous and like Miranda Sings. Calum and Luke were coming in. OMG MY HAIR THOUGH!! I hid my face and quickly braided it, it was sticking out some pieces of hair but I probably still looked hot. Luke appeared his head. I looked up.

"HI CALUM!" I screamed.

"I'm Luke."

"Oh yeah I know I was kind of hopping you were Calum." I said lamely.

"What happened?" He asked. Calum appeared.

"Holy.." He shocked.

"What?" I asked.

"Your mouth is all red with pastels and what the hell happened to your beautiful face?" He asked surprisingly.

"What? What do you-- Wait. My face was beautiful?" I smiled.

"Uh, what happened to your hair?"

"I- I saw a raccoon."

"Wait a minute, I know what this is about, you like Calum!" He teased.

"Oh yes, yes I do." I turned to Calum and gave him a big kiss on the cheek. I left a giant red mark with the lipstick. I looked in the car mirror. Wow, the lipstick disappeared a bit. I was surprised.

"My face!" He cried. I laughed. The driver started driving. It was a smooth road then when I started to see clearer views of the mountain hat made it huge, it started to get bumpy. I kept falling into Luke and Calum and maybe sometimes, maybe.. I might've purposely bumped into Calum.

"Geez what a bumpy road." I stated.

"Is it giving you a headache?" Luke teased.

"Why yes it is." I lied with sarcasm.

"Here I'll make it stop." Calum said, he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me close.

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