Out of My Limit

5SOS FANFICTION: YES FAMOUSE: Bryne Brisbane is an average 5SOS fan and is madly in love with Ashton but when she gets picked to meet and greet Luke, she's disappointed is about to give up her ticket until something happens...


2. #preparation

Bryne's POV

When I received the ticket from the man. It all started tomorrow. I got to hang out with Luke for one month. I then went to the nearest and BEST mall for Ashton tomorrow. I then saw a blond spiked hair, it... looked.. Luke. He was buying flowers. OOOOOOOH. I know what they're for. Moi. That's sweet but I doubted it for a little bit because  he was never good with the ladies, I know so myself! Then someone appeared, it was Calum, he was laughing at Luke then turned.

Calum spotted me,

I made a quick run for it and damn the only time I wore pumps, I quickly got up as fast as I could then saw Kaden, my ex boyfriend. I smiled, he was in a beanie with his cute geeky glasses.

"Oh uh hey Kaden!" I waved.

"Hey." Kaden smiled. I couldn't stop staring at his beautiful deep ocean eyes, I even forgot why I hated him so bad.

"Um so, nice meeting you here.. how's life?"

"It's good, I might've met a few girls."

Andddd that's why.

Luke's POV

I saw the girl that I picked with another guy, honestly I thought this idea was dumb, and now I feel stupid. Obviously, honestly, this is never going to work out. Calum was about to march up to her but I stopped him, I asked him advice and he told me to buy the girl flowers but 48 bucks for beautiful flowers for a girl that flirts with someone else, not worth it... I decided to buy a $50 flower instead!! I asked Calum about it.

"I think you're crazy, there would be no point just go buy those, it's not like she'll know." He answered. I stared at him, then the flowers, then the $50 flowers, he was right. I paid for the flowers but she wasn't there. Oh well, tomorrow I guess.

Bryne's POV

I can't believe it, Kaden's 'girlfriend' just RANDOMLY comes in and Kaden just RANDOMLY you know what.. he 'RANDOMLY'  just kisses her and tells her how much he loves her, jackass. I went to F.T. (real) and picked out muscle tank tops and a couple of jeans and shorts. When I came home I realized I bought myself wayyy too much stuff, for winter, spring, summer, and a little dash of autumn. After that I drove to my grandparent's house, yes, I wasn't going to share half of my money living with a whore, EVEN if it was half, staying at my grandparents will charge me whatever is their water bill, light bill, everything bill. I sat down, it was like really really boring. I got onto Instagram and saw some hater commenting on my photos, hate account, ugh, Bella. I laughed at that whore who would spend all of her time in Los Angeles hating on me. I blocked the account and signed out, like I always do just in case some bitch tries to steal my phone and posts porn. Then I received a notification on Twitter, it was from Luke, he told me to check the back of the paper for his number.. well that sucks I just threw it away.


<BryneBrisbaneIrwin> i threw it away

<Luke5SOS> nice going. well see you tomorrow

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