Out of My Limit

5SOS FANFICTION: YES FAMOUSE: Bryne Brisbane is an average 5SOS fan and is madly in love with Ashton but when she gets picked to meet and greet Luke, she's disappointed is about to give up her ticket until something happens...


3. #meetingluke/bryne

Bryne's POV


"AHH HOLY SH*T MURDERER!!" I screamed. Then I put my pillow down, oh, it was just my alarm clock, thank goodness I was about to bring out my knife comb. Oh my god, it was 6am, I'm like 3 hours early, I guess I forgot to set it to 8am. I took a glance at the ticket, I guess I don't have to waste money on breakfast.. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and shower, then put on one of my muscle tank and bottom ripped shorts. I ran to my makeup bag to put on mascara and eyeliner with Chapstick, let's be honest I didn't wanna look like I wanna impressed him or look like a f*cked up clown. I turned to my clock, it was 8am. I waited outside the porch. I saw a long black car pull up, not a limo. Luke came out from the shotgun, I got up and pulled my bag over my shoulders. I saw him reaching for my bad but I hesitated.

"I got it." I said. Luke smiled then opened the door for me, this time he didn't go back to the shotgun, he just sat next to me.

"Hey." He greeted.

"Hi, I'm Bryne."

"Bryne, nice to meet you, anyways I guess you figured already but these flowers are for you." Luke pulled out a daisy, it was so beautiful.

"Oh uh wow this is amazing, thank you." I smiled.

"Do you wanna listen to music?" I asked.


The driver pressed one of the buttons then She Looks So Perfect came on. I stared at him.

"Really?" I laughed.

"Hey what a coincidence, but um, no this is 99.7." He said.

"Sure it is."

It was 10 minutes later until we arrived at a IHOP. Interesting and weird but okay then. The driver escorted us out but I didn't realize until we got in, there were guards, at least 4 but you know + (plus not and) the driver!!!!

"What?" Luke asked. I guess he realized that I was pouting.

"Just, why the hell do you a chaperone? Or, 4, 5 chaperones."

"They're not chaperones they're guards, just in case you do something crazy, and what's wrong with it?"

"The fact that it's weird?"

"Ok yeah it's weird but just pretend their ordinary people."

"Ordinary people don't STARE at me it's freakin' creepy!"

"Please just go with it." He begged. I sighed then looked at the menu.

Luke's POV

Oh my god, I wanted to bang my head on the table, I wish Calum was here, hmm.

You: hey calum.

Calum: Hey how's your date?

You: bad she doesn't like the guards and she is so awkward!!!! help

Calum: Well do you need help?


Calum: Where are you?

You: your gonna ditch your date for me?

Calum: Uh no ? Me and mike are going in 2 weeks because we can't just forget about our fans

You: Oh right. I'm at IHOP address is *** **** *******.

"Are you finished?" I asked.

"Yeah like 7 minutes ago." She replied. Sassy.

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