Out of My Limit

5SOS FANFICTION: YES FAMOUSE: Bryne Brisbane is an average 5SOS fan and is madly in love with Ashton but when she gets picked to meet and greet Luke, she's disappointed is about to give up her ticket until something happens...


4. #beach

Luke's POV

I felt soooooo freakinnnn bored. No kidding, I Texted Calum that we're just gonna go pick him up instead. He was cool with it.

"We're just gonna go pick up Calum." I stated.

"Alright." She replied. I might have made a mistake, she just looked so cool and beautiful from the stage but her attitude is so crazy. I mean, boring and sassy.

Calum: Um I can't make it

You: whyyyy???

Calum: I figured out the the fan I chose from the stage didn't have permission sooo sorry I have to pick a new one

You: why can't i?

Calum: Harsh

You: I'd like to trade with Ash

Calum: HARSH

You: she's not saying anything

I decided to take her to the beach, it was so hot.

"Do you maybe wanna go to the beach instead?" I asked. She shot out of her seat, almost, but the seatbelt got her.

"OMG YES! I love the bitch- beach." She squealed.

"So do you want me to take you home to get your clothes?"

"Nah just GOOOOO!"

Bryne's POV

I was so excited. Finally something fun. When we got to the beach, I put my hair in a bun and got my sunglasses out from my bag and put it in my hair, I felt awkward not wearing a bikini, ok never mind. Luke had already had the beach stuff. He set out the transparent tent and everything with the shovels, buckets and beach ball and tubes. It made me laugh a bit.

"What?" He asked.

"It's a cute tent." I teased. He smiled."Now I'm going to go hit the waves with this tube and if you're going to build some sand castles, they're a few kids over there that you can help." Then he frowned. He took one of the buckets. And stared at me. I put my hands up and turned away and got onto the tubes. I couldn't find Luke anywhere. Then I spotted him scooping water in the bucket, if that dude even dares to.. He walked toward me, and dumped the water on me.

"Now we're even." He said. I put my head underwater and tried to find his legs and pulled him underneath. I tried to get up but there was that tube blocking me. Then something pushed me up.

"AH!" I screamed. It was Luke, when he got up, he was faced the opposite of me so I was on his back, holding onto his neck.

"Scared?" He asked. I denied it and got off.

The rest of the day went my amazingly well. We skipped lunch and dinner was at some Italian restaurant I forget the name but it was so weird I guess since my clothes were went and I really did not wanna make a stop at home. After that he just dropped me off at home.

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