I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


37. Whip Cream

(Justin's P.O.V.)

We all got in a circle and started playing . Selena was siting on my lap .

Christian: MADISON ! Truth or Dare ?

Madison: Truth !

Christian: What is something that we all don't know about you ?

Madison: Oh . Ummm... I'm not a virgin .


Khalil: You're not !? Sike naw a I took that .

Demi: Okay nextttt !

Ali: Caitlin ! Truth or Dare ?

Caitlin: Dare !

Ali: I dare you to make out with me .

Caitlin: Fine with me .

They started kissing . Never thought they had feelings for each other !

Za: You guys like each other !?

Ali: We're actually going out .

Selena: WHAT !? Caitlin you never told mee!

Caitlin: You know noww !

We all started laughing .

Christian: Okay next !!

Justin: My turn ! Baby truth or dare .

Me and Selena made eye contact .

Selena: Dare !

I gave her a smirk .

Justin: I dare you to let me lick whip cream off of you .

We all started laughing .

Selena: Really baby . What's the dare ?

Justin: That was the dare .

Selena: Ohhh !

Za: I'll get the whip cream .

Za went into the kitchen to get whip cream .

Justin: Come on baby take off your shirt .

She started laughing and took of her shirt .

Za came back with the whip cream . He handed it to me .

Justin: Lay down baby .

Selena: I can't believe you're doing this .

I smirked . She laid down and i put whip cream on her . I put some on her stomach . With the whip cream i wrote 'MINE' . I soon put a lot on her boobs .

Selena: Oh my gosh baby !

I started licking it off . Some people took photos .

Selena: Babe it tickles .

Justin: But you know you love it .

She covered her face with her arms . I started licking the whip cream off her boobs. That was my favorite part ! I got done .

Selena: Okay you're done noww .

Justin: No I'm not !

Selena: What ar-

I put whip cream on her mouth and started kissing her passionately . I asked for entrance, she let me in . I started exploring her mouth but she soon pulled away .

Demi: Oh my gosh, go get a room !!

Justin: You got that right !

I got up and so did Selena . She put her shirt back on .

Selena: Baby we have guest .

Justin: BYE GUYS !

Selena: No ! That's rudeeee !!

Demi: It's fine . It's late any ways, we gotta head home .

Selena: You sure ?

Ali: Yeah . Come on guys lets go .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

We all said bye to each other and they left .

Justin: Come on baby . I have you all to myself now .

He put his arms on my waist and pulled me close to him . Nothing can get in between us. I put my arms around his neck .

Selena: Oh reallyy ?

Justin: Yes .

We started kissing passionately . He grabbed my butt and pick me up . He didn't remove his arms from my butt . He squeezed causing me to giggle a little . We started kissing more and more passionately . He started walking upstairs . We didn't brake the kiss .

We got upstairs and he threw me on the bed. He got on top of me and we continued kissing . We broke the kiss when he took off my shirt . He started kissing my neck making me release a moan . I stopped him by me trying to take off his pants . I couldn't take them off .

Selena: Shit .

Justin started giggling and he helped me take them off . He took off my pants as well . We started kissing more and more passionate . He then took of my bra and started suck on my boobs . I kept letting out moans . He took off his boxers . Then he took off my underwear .

He started putting himself into me . At that moment I was moaning a lot . He started going faster . I screamed his name and my nails dug into his back .

Justin: That's right baby . Scream my name .

He was now going faster and deeper .

Selena: JUSTINN !!! I-I can't take it .

Justin kissed me while he was thrusting. I kept moaning into his mouth. He put his head on my neck. He started picking up his pace. I clawed his back.

Selena: Fuck Justin!!

I arched my back. He kept thrusting. We soon both reached our climax. He laid his body on top of mine.

Justin: I-I love you .

He pecked my lips .

Selena: I love you too . Goodnight baby .

With that we were asleep .


I woke up by Justin's snores . I couldn't help but laugh . I tried to stay quiet so I didn't wake him up . I was just laying there, cuddling with him . Until something hit me . I am suppose to be on tour and so was Justin! I was gonna call Jimmy . I got out of Justin's grip and replaced myself with a pillow .

I dialed Jimmy's number . After 3 rings he picked up .

Jimmy: Hey Sel ! How are you doing ?

Selena: I'm doing great ! But aren't I suppose be on tour ?

Jimmy: Since you went to the hospital and got a concision we extended your break . We had to pull some dates back .

Selena: I think I'll go back on tour at the end of this week .

Jimmy: So in 5 days ?

Selena: Yeah .

Jimmy: Okay .

Selena: Bye Jimmy !

Jimmy: See ya kiddo .

I hanged up the phone and was checking my Twitter . All i saw was hate .

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