I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


5. The Talk

(Justin's P.O.V.)

We arrived at Selena's house . I haven't been in her house for the longest because she was usually at Demi's and i just went there .

*Ding Dong*

After i rang the door bell i held on to Selena's hand .

Selena: Don't be nervous .

Justin: I'm not nervous .

I lied.

Selena: Yes you are . I know you Justin . Your palms are sweaty . When they get sweating it means your nervous .

Justin: Shut upp .

I was joking around with her, she just started laughing . She calmed down when she heard someone unlocking the door, to open it .

I then see her dad .

Selena's Dad, Mr. Gomez: Nice to see you here Justin biever .

Selena: Its Bieber, dad .

Mr. Gomez: Oh i know .

Justin: Well can i talk to you ?

Mr. Gomez: Ok, come in . This should be good . You are 18 right?

Selena: Stop dad, if you try something like that i will runaway and not talk to you anymore .

We then walked into her house . We were in the living room .

Justin: I heard you don't like me ?

Mr. Gomez: Yeah and ?

Justin: Well i just want you to know i am the one for your daughter .

Mr. Gomez: HA ! No your not . Your just a popstar that would talk to any girl and not stay faith-

I interrupted him, i couldn't hear him say that.

Justin: Yes i am . These past 2 years of my life with Selena were amazing ! I am really looking forward to spending more years with her .

Mr. Gomez: I bet you tell that to every girls parents . Once upon a time i use to be like that . I just left her broken hearted and i wasn't even famous . I never was busy . But you . You're always busy so it means you never have time for my daughter . You will just leave her when you go on tour . Whenever you break her heart you won't be able to fix it . And most importantly you'll tell her you'll love her when you don't .

Right now i was mad. No. Furious. I couldn't even believe he said that! I couldn't take it i had to say what was on my mind .

Justin: Sorry to disrespect you but your wrong . I've thought your daughter was the most incredible girl the minute i met her . She is perfect . I never leave her a lone when i'm doing stuff . She sometimes comes with me or i'll just call her and see how she is doing . She is my princess . My everything ! You can't tell me that i am or not the one for her ! You can't tell her who she can and can't date ! You just see me as a musician but to her, i'm much more than that . She sees me for who i am not for who people see me as . That is what i love about her . She is always confident in herself ! She lights up my world ! She always puts a smile on my face ! Your daughter is the best thing that has ever happened in my entire life ! She is my world , my everything ! I would never leave her heartbroken . I'm not you! So don't compare me to you ! Nor would i ever be ! If i break her heart, i'll make sure i pick up every single bit of it . But i would never do that because i would never break her heart ! She is my lifesaver . We have had our ups and downs but that doesn't matter! The downs only make our ups stronger . I love your daughter and i swear on my life i mean it .

After giving my long speech i looked over at Selena . Her eyes were watery and she was smiling at me .

Selena: Omg Juju . I love you soo much !

Justin: I love you to princess . To the moon and back . I would walk a thousand miles just to be in your arms .

She kissed my cheek . I looked over at her dad . He had a shocked face of what just happened . He finally got the courage to talk.

Mr. Gomez: You know what son . I think you are meant to be with my daughter . I can tell you are clearly in love with her and you having the courage to say that to my face ? Now that is the guy i want my daughter with.

Selena: Omg dad . Are you saying what i think you're saying!?!

Mr. Gomez: Yes . I accept you guys being together now . And i promise i won't be over protective anymore . You can go to Justin's rehearsals and all that . If you want you can sleepover his house, either way i know you have done it before .

Justin: How did you know ?

Mr. Gomez: There is something called as news and i watch it .

Justin: Oh .

Selena: Dad, can i ask you one question ?

Mr. Gomez: What is it ?

Selena: Can i go on tour with Justin ?

My face lit up when she asked him that . I was hoping he would say yes . He was thinking . He finally said something .

Mr. Gomez: Ummm... Yes. You can go on tour .

My whole body was full of happiness ! I couldn't believe it , neither could Selena .

I hugged her tight . I was excited my princess was going to be with me .

A/N~ Chapter 5 complete lol. Thank you so much for the nice comments:) So sorry that I have to start all over! Don't worry I'll update a lot. I want to start writing this fanfiction again!

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