I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?



(Selena's P.O.V.)

We got to my house . The door was locked . I rang the door bell . The person that opened it was the least one i'll expect to open the door . I was frozen tears rolling down my cheeks .


I jumped in his arms . I started crying on his shoulder .

Selena: I miss you sooo muchhh !!

I let go of him .

Justin: Hey man ! Haven't seen you in 2 years ! How you been ?

Drew: Great . Thanks for asking . But how are you and my sister ? Are you treating her right ?

He raised his eyebrows at us .

Selena: Drew ! Of course he is .

Drew was my older brother . He was older than me by 2 years so he was 19 .

Drew: I miss you guys so much !

Justin: We miss you too !

Selena: Are you visiting ?

Drew: No . I moved back here .


I jumped back into his arms .

Drew: And guess what .

Selena: What ?

Drew: Mine and Isabelle's house is huge ! We have room for two more people . You and Justin . Wanna live with us ? We all use to hang out all the time . I miss that .

I looked over a Justin giving him a look like can we . He was smiling really big .

Justin: We would love that !

Selena: Oh my gosh !! I love you Babbyyy !

I gave Justin a big hug and a peck on the lips .

Selena: Wait where's Isabelle ?

Drew: In the kitchen .

I ran to the kitchen .

Selena: ISABELLE !!

Isabelle: OMG SELENA !!

Me and Isabelle were really close . Her and Drew moved to New York. So it drifted me and Drew apart but also me and Isabelle .

I hugged her tight . She was a year older than me .

Selena: How have you been ?

Isabelle: Great . How are you and Bieber ?

Selena: Good . We got in an argument yesterday .

Isabelle: Really !?!

I told her what happened.

Isabelle: Oh my gosh ! Why did he kiss her though !?

Selena: Cause she said she would hurt me if he didn't .

Isabelle: Aw he tried to keep you safe .

I started laughing .

Selena: Yeah .

Drew and Justin soon walked into the kitchen .

Justin: Where's your dad ?

Drew: Oh he left . He needed to go to work .

Selena: How bout mom ?

Drew: Same .

Selena: Oh .

Drew: Yeah . Now hurry up Selena go pack up your things . You are moving today .

Selena: Okay . Come on baby . Come help me .

I grabbed Justin's hand and we went upstairs . We got into my room . I started packing up and Justin helped me . He soon looked in my closet .

Justin: Aw baby !

Selena: Yeah ?

I walked behind him . I saw what he was looking at . I had a huge frame of us in my closet and in my cabinet were other pictures of us .

Justin: I can't even explain how much i love you .

He turned around and picked me up from my thighs . Me legs were wrapped around his waist and my arms around his neck .

Selena: I love you too baby .

We soon started kissing . He then moved down to my neck . I stopped it before it went further .

Selena: We just did it last night Justin .

He stopped .

Justin: Ughhh .

I started giggling .

Selena: We will later but not today later .

He pecked my lips .

I got off of him and continued packing .

Justin: I can't wait to live with you baby .

Selena: Neither can I ! Ugh i'm so happpppyy !

Justin: Same here . Get to cuddle with you every night . See you everyday, be with you everyday . I can't wait !

I pecked his lips and continued packing . I was soon done . I then saw Isabelle and Drew waiting for us downstairs .

Selena: Drew i'm donee !

Drew: Do you need help getting your things in the car ?

Selena: Its fine Justin would help me .

Drew: Okay . I'll be in the car .

Selena: Okay !

Isabelle and Drew went to the car and me and Justin got all my bags. And put them in the car . We sat in the back and Isabelle and Drew sat in the front . We were on our way to our new house .

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