I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


41. Studio

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Justin: Babbbyy !

Selena: Say itt .

Justin: No .

Selena: Then you aren't gonna get a kiss .

Justin: Why nott !?

Selena: Cause you aren't saying it .

Justin: Fineee .

Selena: Come on say I have more swag than you!

Justin: You have more swag than mee .

Selena: YES I DOO !

Justin: Now gimme my kiss .

I kissed him passionately .

Selena: So you're gonna go to the studio with me?

Justin: Of course baby, I haven't heard you in the studio before .

He pecked my lips .

Selena: Let me go get dressed, you've left some clothes here .

Justin: Okay .

He had a smirk on his face, I gave me a confused look . I was soon being picked up bridal style .

Justin: I'm going to have to carry you like this once we get married .

Selena: Married ?

I raised my eyebrows.

Justin: Yes married . We are gonna live happily ever after . With two children and-

Selena: Woah, woah, woah ! Slow down there .

We both started laughing .

Justin: I love you baby .

Selena: I love you too .

He pecked my lips . Multiple times . I began to giggle .

Selena: J-Justinn stopp .

He started laughing and stopped .

Justin: God I want you so bad right now .

Selena: Me too baby but I have to go to the studio .

He frowned .

Selena: I know baby . Now lets change .

We both got changed . I put on jeans, a grey tank top with a black cardigan . I wore my black vans . Justin changed into black pants and shirt . And a jean jacket . He looked so cute .

Selena: Baby you look so cute !!

Justin: Not as gorgeous as you .

Selena: Thanks babe .

I pecked his lips and got an apple .

Justin: Are you ready ?

Selena: Yeah .

Justin: Lets go then .

He intertwined our fingers and we walked out the door into the car . I hopped into the car and so did Justin . He was staring at me .

Selena: Whatt ?

We both started giggling .

Justin: You are so beautiful baby .

Selena: Thank you Juju .

I kissed him . He soon pulled out .

Selena: We have to head to the studio now .

He started driving . While he was driving he grabbed my hand . We made eye contact and smile .

I turned up the radio . My song was playing . The song was "Who says"

Justin started singing along . I was just laughing because sometimes he messed up the lyrics or just mumbled .

Selena: Baby you're so adorable .

He pecked my lips . We soon got there .

Justin: Come on let go before the paparazzi arrive .

We both got out of the car and intertwined our fingers . We got inside and my whole team was there . Ashley came running up to me, hugging me . Causing me to let go of Justin's hand .

Ashley: Selenaaaa !!! I misssss you so muchh !!!

Selena: It's only been a week .

Ashley: That is still a lot ! And I see you and the Biebs are back!

She gave me a smirk . Me and Justin started laughing .

Justin: Yes we are .

He wrapped his arms around me from behind .

Ashley: I swear if you brake her heart I would brake you .

Justin: No you won't because I would never brake her heart . I'll never let her go .

Selena: I love you so much baby .

I put my head up and he kissed me . I pulled out .

Jimmy: Come on Sel ! We're waiting for youu !!

Selena: COMING ! Come on Juju lets go .

Me and Justin walked over to where the team was . I went inside the booth and started recording my new song "A year without rain"

While I was singing I looked over at Justin an he was smiling ear to ear . He was nodding his head slowly . He was soo cute .

I got done with the song .

Selena: Should I run it again ?

Jimmy: No its fine you sounded perfect !

Justin: Baby come hereee !!

He held his arms out . I got out of the booth an hugged him . He picked my up hugging my tighter .

Justin: Baby you sounded so perfect !

Selena: Not as perfect as youu !

Justin: You sounded much more perfect than me .

He pecked my lips .

Justin: You do know I love you right ?

Selena: Yes I do know and I love you too .

We just stayed there staring at each other .

Jimmy: Sorry to interrupt but Selena you need to record other songs .

Selena: Yes I do . Put me down baby .

Justin put me down and I walked back into the booth .

I started singing 'Slow Down' . I kept on messing up because Justin kept on distracting me . I finally got it . After that song I did "Hit the lights" . I only needed to do that song once . I sang a lot of my other songs .

Jimmy: Nice job Sel !

I got out of the booth .

Selena: Thank you .

Jimmy: Don't forget we leave tomorrow at 3 to go to California.

Selena: Okay .

I looked over at Justin and he looked heartbroken. I got out of the booth and walked up to him.

Selena: Baby what's wrong?

Justin: We need to go back on tour .

Selena: Remember our promise .

He looked at me and smiled .

Justin: I'll never let you go .

A/N ~ I love you

Stay Swaggy xx

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