I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


31. Story behind

(Justin's P.O.V.)

I was done with my concert and i looked around the crowd and didn't see Selena anywhere . I got worried but she could've went backstage . I calmed down . I went backstage and she wasn't anywhere .

Justin: Have you guys seen Selena !?!

All i got from everybody was a no . I got worried . I went into my dressing room and got changed quick . The tv was turned on and it caught my attention .

Interviewer: Earlier today we stopped Selena Gomez at the airport with her brother Drew . She was with Justin Bieber earlier in the day. What happened between them ? Let Selena answer our question .

Selena: Bieber ? Well whatever he says to me is a lie . Whatever you hear about me and Justin back together is a lie . There is no more Jelena . I'm not with Bieber because he has Cassidy to keep him company . And thats all he needs . Goodbye now .

I was heartbroken . Someone told her something because i never was with Cassidy and never will be . She is dating Ryan . I got done dressing up and rushed out the arena . I called Scooter and told him i'm going to Atlanta . He was mad but he understood .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I was drifting off to sleep . I had tear stains . Its 1 in the morning . I soon heard a knock at the door . I got up and walked downstairs . I opened the door and saw Justin and his eyes were poofy . He had tear stains as well.

Justin: I swear on my life there was never and nothing going on with me and Cassidy . I love you Selena .

Selena: I saw a picture of you two kissing . I fan showed me it on twitter .

Justin: Lemme see the picture .

He pulled out his phone and handed it to me. I searched up the twitter name and showed him .

Justin: Thats funny because someone edited that photo . Why am i kissing her when I'm the one that took it for her and Ryan ! That was her and Ryan on there first date ! Look .

He got the phone from my hands and searched Ryan's twitter . And showed me the picture . It was Cassidy and Ryan .

Selena: I'm sorry baby .

He kissed me passionately . I pulled away for air .

Justin: Its fine babe . You didn't know .

Selena: What i do know is that i'm very tired.

Justin: Come on then !

He picked me up bridal style and kicked to door shut with his foot . He walked me up to my room . We started cuddling. He had his arm around my waist . My face was buried in his chest . He has his other hand on my arm that had the scars . He kissed every scar .

Justin: You still need to talk about that .

I was tired .

Selena: Babyyyyyyyyyy . I'm tireddd .

Justin: Fine . But you better tell me tomorrow.

Selena: I will . Goodnight baby . I love you .

Justin: I love you too .

He kissed my forehead . I soon drifted off to sleep .


(Justin's P.O.V.)

I woke up and was still holding on to Selena's hand . I was upset she did that . She is perfect and i know she is a strong person . But i guess she lost this one . I took a picture of us . I was smiling but she was still sleeping.

@JustinBieber: My baby is beautiful when she is asleep:) @selenagomez

I put my phone away and pulled her closer to me . I squeezed her arm tight . I guess that caused her to wake up .

Selena: Babe your squeezing my arm .

Justin: Sorry .

I loosened my grip .

Selena: Good morning baby .

Justin: Good morning princess .

She looked up at me .

Justin: Kissssss .

I puckered my lips . She pulled herself up and gave me a kiss .

Selena: Wait baby . Don't you need to go back on tour ?

Justin: No . I have a week off .

Selena: Oh okay . Turn on the tv .

Justin: Okay .

I turned on the tv and put on the news . Today's story was me at the airport and heading to Selena's house and Selena at the airport .

Selena: Never mind you can turn the tv off .

I started laughing .

Justin: Okay .

We just laid there cuddling .

Justin: Babe ?

Selena: Yes .

Justin: You need to tell me the story behind those scars .

She looked down in disappointment . I put my finger on her chin and lifted it up . I looked straight in her eyes .

Justin: I won't judge . I just need to know .

Selena: Well these are from the first week we broke things off-

Justin: I knew it was my fault ! I'm so stupid-

Selena: No its not baby . Now let me finish .

I nodded my head .

Selena: My parents died . Most of these are from that .

She started tearing up .

Justin: Baby i am so sorry for not being theree . You were here struggling and i wasn't there . Baby i am so sorry .

I kissed her passionately . I didn't want to stop but i pulled out for air .

Selena: Its fine Justin . But these other ones are when i was going through my voicemails, messages, pictures and memories of you . I felt so lonely and unworthy .

Justin: Baby i would always be there for you. Even if we are 1000 miles apart . I would never leave you . You are my princess and it stays that way . I never felt like this about anyone . I love you Selena Marie Gomez .

I kissed her passionately . We didn't pull apart . She was on top of me . Started kissing down my neck . I let out a small moan . She then stopped .

Selena: Not tonight .

Justin: You little tease .

We started laughing .

A/N~ How are y'all summer going? I hope you like this! I'm going to Six flags today so I might not update until like 10 or maybe later. I love you!!

Stay Swaggy xx

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