I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


36. Remembering

*A week later*

(Justin's P.O.V.)

It's been a week since Selena has lost her memory . She asked questions and I answered them . We're still together which is really good . She hasn't left the hospital since her accident . But we are finally going home today . The bad thing is, its not the same how it use to be . We only cuddled once, she never kisses me or calls me 'babe' or 'baby' not even Juju .

Justin: You ready to go ?

Selena: Yeah lets go .

We walked out of the room . We met up with Demi and Drew in the waiting room .

Drew: Watch out . There are paparazzi all around .

Selena: There here for you Biebsss .

Justin: And you ! Don't forget you are the Selena Gomez .

Selena: But you're the one every girl wants .

Justin: I only want you .

She smiled . Her smile was so perfect .

Demi: Come on ! We should go .

Demi and Drew were in front of Me and Selena . Selena was also in front of me . We got outside and paparazzi surrounded us . Selena had her head down . She put her hand back and put it in mine . I got those butterflies . I missed her hand in mine .

We got to the car and hopped in . Drew was driving . Me and Selena were in the back . She let go of my arm . Those butterflies went away .

Justin: So how you been ?

Selena: I've been good . Had headaches but its fine .

Justin: Whenever you have a headache that doesn't go away, you tell me ! Right away !

Selena: Okay .

She smiled and continued looking out the window . I want her on my lap, her telling me how much she loves me . Me kissing her . I want her memory back !

Demi: We're here .

Selena: This is where we live ?

Justin: Yeah .

Drew: Come on .

We all got out of the car and into the house . Selena looked in shock .

Selena: I'd love to see my room .

She started giggling . Her laugh was perfect.

Justin: I'll take you . Come on .

I started walking and she walked behind me. We got to the room .

Selena: Omg . Its huge .

Justin: Yeah I know . You chose this room .

Selena: Wait we sleep together ?

Justin: Use to . I don't think we would anymore...

I walked out the door before I started crying .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I really wanted to get to know Justin Bieber . But it seems weird . I can't fall in love all over again . Its hard . I think I need time .

I walked downstairs and saw Justin watching tv in the living room . I stood in front of him and he looked up . I held my hand out .

Selena: Come on . Lets go upstairs .

He grabbed my hand and we went upstairs to our room . We sat on the bed .

Selena: I want to know everything about us .

He started telling me a lot of things . I think it was all coming back to me . The memories, the feelings .

Selena: Justin .

Justin: Yes ?

Selena: I'm 99% sure its all coming back ! I'm starting to remember everything .

Justin: Here's a test . How much do you love me ?

I just kissed him passionately .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Justin: Here's a test . How much do you love me ?

I asked that question because it depends how she responds . She kissed me passionately . I love the way she answered my question .

I miss those soft, full lips . We continued kissing . I laid down with her on top of me . We haven't broke the kiss yet . I slid my hands up her legs and to her butt . I was grabbing on to her butt . I slid my tongue in her mouth. We were kissing passionately . I missed it .

She broke the kiss . We started breathing heavy .

Selena: I-I miss you .

Justin: Me too baby .

She pecked my lips and got up .

Justin: Where do you think you're going ? We aren't done yet !

Selena: We'll finish . I promise . We can't now . I got a text from Demi telling me that the crew was coming over .

Justin: Ughhhhhh . Tell them we have to cancel .

Selena: No . I haven't seen them in a week .

Justin: Fine . But they have to leave early !

Selena: Whatever . Now I'm gonna go take a shower .

Justin: Same . You take that one and I'll take the other .

Selena: Okay .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I got done taking a shower and changed . I put on jeggings and one of Justin's sweatshirts . I also put my uggs on. Justin walked in with his boxers .

Justin: I see you wearing my sweatshirt .

I started giggling .

Selena: Yeah .

Justin: You look gorgeous in it baby .

Selena: Thanks .

I pecked his lips .

Selena: Now get dressed babe .

He got dress . He was done after 5 minutes .

Justin: Come on baby lets watch tv downstairs .

Selena: Okay .

We locked hands and walked downstairs . We sat on the couch cuddling and started watching tv .

*Ding Dong*

Justin: I'll get it baby .

Selena: Okay and do you know where Drew is ?

Justin: He left with Isabelle .

Selena: Oh okay .

He went to go get . The whole crew soon walked into the living room .

Selena: Heyy guyssss !

Ryan: Hey I'm Ryan .

Selena: I know dumbass . I got my memory back !!

Madison: OH MY GOSH ! YOU DID !?

She ran to me .

Selena: Yeah !

I started giggling . She hugged me tight .

Alfredo: Glad to have you back Sel .

Selena: Glad to have my memory back !

Lil Za: Come on lets watch a movie !

Selena: What movie ?

Chaz: Fast and Furious ?

Cassidy: Yess !

Christian: Lets watch it !

We all sat down and started watching the movie . I was sitting between Justin's legs and he had his arms around me waist . I had my head on his chest . He whispered in my ear .

Justin: Baby can I tell you something ?

I looked up at him .

Selena: Yes ?

Justin: I love you .

Selena: I love you too baby .

We started kissing .

Khalil: Stop kisssing !!

Justin sticked up his middle finger . I giggled through the kiss, so did Justin . I pulled away.

Justin: Hey I'm not done .

He smashed his lips against mine . We started kissing more and more passionate . He slid his tongue in . It started exploring my mouth . I pulled away .

Selena: Not now, not here .

Justin: I'm getting you tonight !

I started laughing and blushed .


A/N~ Chapter complete☑️

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