I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


12. Please.

(Selena's P.O.V.)

He quickly looked over at me .

Justin: Se- Selena .

Selena: Is this what you always do when i'm not here !?!

Justin: No i can explain !

Selena: I don't want to hear it !

I rushed out the door .

Justin followed me . I started running . My eyes started to get watery . I then bumped into someone . I looked up a realized who it was .

Khalil: Aw what happened ? Don't cry .

He wiped my tears with his thumb.

Selena: Ju-Justin ki-kissed Alex .

I kept sobbing. It was soo embarrassing. I tried to hide my emotions but they just bursted out.

Khalil: You saw him ?

Selena: Yeah .

Khalil: Aw i'm sure he has a perfectly good explanation . Everything is gonna be alright .

He then hugged me tight . Justin walked up to us .

Justin: Look Selena i'm so-

Selena: If you're gonna apologize, don't even try . Like if you want a kiss go ahead get one from Alex . But not from me . I'm done .

Justin: No Selena don't-

Demi: HEY SEL-

I looked over at her .

Demi: Omg what happened !?

Alfredo: Selll what happened ?

Selena: Demi can we go ?

Demi: Yeah sure .

Selena: Bye Khalil .

I turned around and someone grabbed my hand .

Justin: Don't leave . I love-

Selena: Go tell Alex .

I ripped my hand out of his grib .

I walked over to Demi and we left . Alfredo stayed .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Selena: Go tell Alex .

She then ripped her hand out of my grip and walked away with Demi .

Alfredo: What happened ?

Justin: Well you know how Alex wants me or whatever . Well she kissed me and Selena saw .

They just looked at me like wow .

Justin: I knowww ! Ughh i hate Alex !

Khalil: Explain that to her .

Justin: She won't believe me .

Alfredo: First rule in love is trust .

Justin: I'll be right back .

I was gonna go tell Scooter i was leaving early to fix something .

Justin: Hey Scooter i got to-

Scooter: Go to her Justin . Don't let her go . Fix it .

I nodded my head and ran to my car. The bad thing about being ''Justin Bieber'' you will never get anywhere quick. I had my shades on. The fans all screaming and paparazzi's yelling questions. It took me 5 minutes to get to my car. Once I got in I headed to Demi's house .

I finally arrived . I ran out and rang the door bell . Demi opened it .

Justin: Where is she ?

Demi: She isn't here .

Justin: Pleease Demi .

Demi: I'm so-

Person: Demi who is it ?

The voice sounded familiar . I then knew who it was . Her voice sounded worn out .

Justin: Selenaaaaa !!!!

Selena: GO AWAY !

I pushed through Demi and Selena was on the couch . I sat next to her . She then got up from the couch .

Justin: Selena i swear I didn't kiss her .

Selena: If you didn't kiss her then why did i see it !?!

Justin: She kissed me ! She always wanted me . I never let her have me or get to me because i'm yours . Baby i love you to the moon and back . I can never be here without you . I love you Selena . Your my world .

Selena: I love you too Juju .

I passionately kissed her .

Selena: But this doesn't change anything . I'm still mad at you .

Justin: What did I doo ? Come on babyy !

Selena: You should have pushed her off of you but you didn't .

Justin: I know ! I'm so sorry Selena! I swear i would never do it again . I love you Selena . I would never do anything to loose you .

Selena: I wouldn't do anything to loose you either .

I kissed her like there was no tomorrow .

Demi: Sorry to interrupt but Selena do you want me to drop you off at your house or come with me to go pick up Alfredo .

Justin: She is coming with me . Rehearsals isn't over . But Selena you stay in the room with me .

Selena: Yeah i'll just go with Justin. But we have to go nowww ! Lets goo !

Selena ran out of the door . Me and Demi walked out .

Justin: Demi i'll give you a ride .

Demi: Ok .

We got in the car and Selena was in the car waiting for us .

We then started driving to rehearsals .

A/N~ Chapter 12 completee!! And who has heard the remix of "All of me" ? BEST REMIX EVER OMG😍😍 It's on replay right now lol . I love everybody who is reading my fanfiction😘

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