I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


23. Party

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Me and Selena walked downstairs. There was some people we didn't know because Drew also invited people . All i knew about them was that they were staring at Selena's butt . I i squeezed her hand every time i saw a guy stare at her butt .

Selena: Baby your squeezing my hand too tightt !

Justin: Oh sorry baby .

I let go of her hand and put my arm around her waist . We soon saw Demi and Alfredo .


Demi: HIIIIIII ! I see you two moved out !

Justin: Yeahhh !


Demi: WHO !?

Selena: ISABELLE !!!!!

All 3 of them use to hang out all the time and it was me, Alfredo and Drew .

Demi: REALLLYY !?!

Selena: YES !!!

Demi: Alfredo I'll be right back !

Selena: Same .

She kissed me on the cheek .

Justin: No baby, don't leave me !

Selena: I'm just going with Isabelle.

Justin: But all they guys are staring at your butt ! I swear if they lay a finger on you i-

Selena: You have my permission to hit them .

I smiled and pecked her lips .

Selena: I'll be right back baby . Go ahead have fun with your friends .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Me and Demi walked away to go see Isabelle . We soon found her .


Isabelle: OMG !!! DEMIII !!!

Her and Isabelle hugged each other tight !

Isabelle: How you been ?

Demi: Good ! How bout you ?

Isabelle: Amazing .

Demi: So you having a blast ?

Isabelle: Obviously !

Selena: So you guys wanna go get popcorn ?

Isabelle: Sure !

I walked over to the kitchen and made us some popcorn . I put it in the bowl and we started eating it .

We all just stood there talking . I soon saw Justin on the porch with some girl . He hair was small curls and long . She was really pretty i couldn't lie . Justin glanced over at me and rolled his eyes . I just let it slide he probably didn't mean it .

Selena: Ima go to the bathroom .

Demi: Okay . We will be right here .

I just nodded and walked to the bathroom . While i was walking u accidentally pumped into someone .

Selena: Oh i'm- Omg Khalil !!!

Khalil: Hey Sellllll !

I gave him a tight hug .

Khalil: Are you coming on tour ?

Selena: No .

Khalil: Why notttt !?

Selena: Don't tell anyone but that last couple of months i've been going to the studio . I got a record label !

Khalil: REALLY !? Omg ! I'm so proud of youu !!

He gave me another hug .

Khalil: Does Justin know ?

Selena: No he doesn't . Only you and Demi know . I don't want to tell him yet .

Khalil: Oh . I'll keep my mouth shut.

Selena: Ok thanks . I need to go to the bathroom now .

Khalil: I need to go too . I'll go after you .

Selena: Okay .

We both walked to the bathroom . I went to the bathroom first . Then Khalil went . When he got out he splashed water in my face .

Selena: KHALILLLLLL !!!!

We both started laughing .

Selena: You think its funny huh ?

Khalil: Hey i'm not they only one laughing !

I then grabbed his shirt and wiped my face with it . So his shirt was now wet .

Selena: HA !

Khalil: Whateverrr !

We were walking back to where Demi and Isabelle were at . I soon saw Justin holding hands with that one girl .

Selena: I'll be right back .

Khalil: Okay .

I walked up to them . Justin let go of her hand . She then walked away .

Selena: What was that about ?

Justin: Nothing baby .

Selena: Justin .

Justin: No really baby .

He then hugged me tight . I wasn't gonna argue and i trust him . If its nothing then its nothing .

Justin: Now come on lets go party.

He gave me a kiss on my forehead.

We went to go party . The party ended at 10:00 . We said bye to everybody .

Justin: Baby do you wanna go watch tv ?

Selena: Sure.

He picked me up and we went upstairs to watch tv and he soon got a phone call .

A/N~ OOOOOOO WHO IS THE PHONE CALL FROMMMM !?! I don't know what time it is where you live at but its 3 am over here and I really should be sleeping ! I love you💕 You're all beautiful:)

Stay Swaggy😎

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