I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


32. Park

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Justin: Baby ?

Selena: Yes .

Justin: Do you wanna go to the park ?

Selena: I wanna cuddle first .

He started giggling .

Justin: Okay .

We just laid there in bed cuddling for at least 30 minutes . I miss his soft hand around me waist and his gentle kisses . I turned around so i was facing him . I looked up at him .

Selena: I miss you .

Justin: Me too baby .

Selena: Kissssss ?

He leaned down and gave me a kiss .

Selena: Do you wanna go to the park now ?

Justin: Sure .

Selena: Get up then .

Justin: Okay .

He had a smirk on his face . He got up but still had his arm around me . He lifted me up.

Selena: Oh my gosh baby ! You scared me .

Justin: I know .

He gave me a kiss on the cheek . We started getting ready .

Selena: Wait baby , wouldn't we get attacked by like fans .

Justin: I'll just tell Kenny to come .

Selena: OH MY GOSH KENNY ! I haven't seen him in foreverrrrrr !!!

Justin started laughing .

Selena: Hey its truee .

He just kissed my cheek .

We finished getting dressed up . I wore a dress and sandals and Justin wore shorts and a black v neck . Kenny showed up at the house .

Selena: KENNNNYYYY !!!!

Kenny: Heyyyy kidddooo !!!

I ran up to him a hugged him ,

Selena: I haven't seen you in forever !

Kenny: Righttt ! But Justin talks about you alllll that time . He is all Selena this, Selena that . There is never a-

Justin: Okay i think she gets it .

He walked up to me . He was also blushing .

Selena: Aww baby, you're blushing !

Justin: Pshhh noooo .

I pecked his cheek .

Kenny: You guys ready to go to the park ?

Justin: Yeah lets go .

Selena: Wait i forgot my phone-

Justin: I got it .

He pulled it out of his pocket and handed it to me .

Selena: Thanks babe .

Justin: Anytime .

I put it in my purse and we walked out holding hands . We saw paparazzi taking pictures of us .

Justin: I'm going to show them how much i love you .

Selena: Huh ?

He grabbed my face and smashed his lips against mine . He gave me a passionate kiss. He pulled out .

Justin: I really love you baby .

Selena: I love you too .

He kissed my cheek . I was smiling really big.

Justin: Lets go get in the car .

We got into the car and drove to the park .

We got to the park . People came up to us but no one attacked . We took pictures with fans . They were all so sweet . The paparazzi soon arrived at the park as well . Kenny was blocking them from us . We heard them shouting answers .




(Justin's P.O.V.)


At that point i was furious . I stopped walking, Selena stopped as well .

Justin: Who are you telling her that I don't love her !? Selena in the beginning she was just an amazing, beautiful belieber . But now? She is my world . She has stuck by my side thick and thin . Selena is the best person that entered my life . Yes i do also love me beliebers very much as well . Selena is different . She doesn't see me as a guy that has fame and money . Whenever i lost her for those 3 months, i felt miserable . I wouldn't be here this happy without her . Don't ever tell her i don't love her !

I looked over at Selena she had tears in her eyes . I pecked her lips . She started talking .

Selena: I might have said stuff but I assumed, i just believed what you sick paparazzi say and do . I am not wasting my time with him . I've been with Justin for 3 years . He is the best . He has been there for me . And yes we are suppose to be on tour but we are on break . We decided to spend it together since we are both on tour . We are happy together and thats all that matter . So stop with all these questions and leave us alone .

I looked over at Justin and he kissed me passionately . We pulled away and the paparazzi left .

Kenny: Nice job kids . You told them .

Me and Selena were laughing .

Selena: Wanna go to the swings ?

Justin: Yeah .

Selena: Beat you there .

Justin: I don't think so .

We started running . She was ahead of me . I speeded up and grabbed her waist . I picked her up .

Justin: You can't run .

Selena: Thats not fairrrrrr .

Justin: You know what is ?

Selena: What ?

I started turning her in circles by the waist . She was laughing .

Selena: Justin put me downnnnnnn !

Justin: Noo .

I continued to turn her . I soon put her down.

Selena: I'm dizzy .

She started walking funny . I was laughing at her . She then fell to the ground on the grass. She was just laying there, looking up at the clouds . I joined her .

Selena: The clouds are so beautiful .

Justin: Just like you .

We started looking at each other . She was smiling . I pecked her lips .

Selena: Look that one looks like a hand .

Justin: No it doesn't !

Selena: Uh huh !

Justin: Nooo !

Selena: Babe . Loook at it !

Justin: It looks more like a bunny to me .

Selena: That looks nothinggg like a bunny !

Justin: Yea it does ! You see the ears .

Selena: It's fading away now . And it was a hand .

Justin: It was a bunny .

Selena: Say its a hand .

Justin: No .

Selena: Say ittt .

Justin: Nooo . It was a bunny !

Selena: Babe say its a hand or else i will never kiss you again .

Justin: Fine ! It was a hand ! Now kiss me .

She started laughing . I lifted my head an turned it and kissed her . My tongue asked for entrance and she allowed it in . She soon pulled away .

Justin: I want moree .

Selena: Baby we are at the park .

Justin: Then lets go homeee .

Selena: Babyy . Not today .

Justin: Fineee .

Selena: And plus Drew is home . That's awkward .

Justin: True .

We got up from the grass and started walking around . We needed Kenny or fans would have attacked us .

Justin: Baby, do you wanna know something?

Selena: Yeahh .

Justin: I love you .

Selena: Me too baby .

I pecked her lips .

She was walking faster than me but we were still holding hands . I then looked at her but and started laughing . She turned around .

Selena: What ?

Justin: You have a grass on your butt .

Selena: I DO?!

She tried taking it off my it didn't work .

Justin: Here let me take it off .

I patted her butt to take the grass off . I took it off . She was laughing and so was I .

Justin: You should get grass on your butt more often .

We started laughing .

I soon got a text from Khalil .

To: Justin From: Khalil

Hey man, do you wanna have like a get together ? You know the crew .

To: Khalil From: Justin

Yeah . My place .

I put my phone away .

Justin: Hey babe .

Selena: Yeah .

Justin: Want to have a get together with the crew ?

Selena: Duhhhh ! Lets go !

Justin: Hey Kenny . We are gonna go home .

Kenny: Okay lets go to the car . I'll drive .

Justin: Obviouslyy

A/N~ The next chapters are gonna be intense. Something really bad happens hehehehehe




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