I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


2. Never let you go

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Justin: Do you guys wanna watch a movie?

Demi: Sure! What movie?

Selena: How bout Never say Never?

Alfredo: AYEEEE. Lets watch that!

Selena: My favorite movie!

I then kissed Justin on the cheek.

Justin: Ok, we'll watch my movie.

Justin put in the disc. I started singing a long. To 'Love Me'

Justin: I love when you sing my songs!

Selena: Well i love your songs!

He gave me a kiss. Ughhh how much i love his kisses ! His soft lips.


We soon got to the part when he was playing baseball, when he was a little kid.

Selena: AWWWWWW! You look soooooo adorableeeee!!!!!

Justin: Thanks baby.

Alfredo: What happened to you!?

Justin: What do you mean?

Alfredo: You USE to be adorable and now your ugly.

Selena: Shut up Alfredo. He is still adorable. More adorable if you have to ask me.

Justin: I don't care what you have to say. I just care what Selena says.

Demi: Alfredo your so mean.

We all started laughing.

Alfredo: Hey. I'm just speaking the truth.

Selena: If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.

Alfredo: Whatever. I speak the truth.

He then patted his chest.

We continued watching the movie. Justin was sitting down but his legs across the couch. I was on top of him, with my legs spread across the couch as well. My head was on his shoulder. He had his arms wrapped around me. He looked down at me.

Justin: Your so beautiful baby.

Selena: I love you.

He gave me a passionate kiss. We soon broke the kiss after a couple of seconds . We continue watching the movie . The part when he sang 'Never Let You Go' came on . He started singing to me.

Justin: They say hate has been sent . So let loose the talk of lovee . Before the out law kiss baby give me one last hugg. There's a dream i've been chasing and want so badly to be realityy and when you hold me hand then i'll understand that its meant to beee cause baby when your with mee , its like an angel came byy and took me to heaven. Cause when i stare in your eyes it couldn't be better.'

He continued singing.

Justin: I'll never let you goooo.

He gave me a passionate kiss. I was blushing soooo muchh !

Selena: I love you sooo much babyy!

Demi: AWWWWWWW ! Why are you guys sooooo cuteeeee!

Me and Justin started laughing .

Justin: Thank you Demi .

Alfredo: Babyyy i'm getting tired .

Demi: Same . Come on baby . Justin can we sleep in the guest room ?

Justin: Yeah go ahead . But don't do anything pass cuddling .


Me and Justin started laughing really hard . Alfredo just smiled .

Alfredo: Come on baby . I'm tired .

They both go up and Alfredo swung Demi over his shoulders . She started giggling . They left upstairs so it was only us downstairs . The movie ended so we just put another movie on . We weren't really watching we were just talking .

Selena: Justin ?

Justin: Yes baby ?

Selena: I love you .

Justin: I love you too .

I smiled big a looked up at him . He pecked my lips .

Justin: Wouldn't your dad get mad for spending the night at my house? I don't want you to get in trouble because of me !

Selena: Don't worry baby . He thinks i'm spending the night at Demi's .

Justin: Oh okay .

Selena: Your Believe Tour is coming up...

I love when Justin goes on tour because he gets to sing his heart out to people that look up to him but i hate it because he leaves me. He visited once in while in his 'My World Tour' and we FaceTimed a lot , but it wasn't the same .

Justin: I know baby...

Selena: I'm really going to miss you !

Justin: Me too baby ! I promise i'll visit you everyday i can ! But that isn't until 2 weeks . We will spend every single day i can with you until i go . I'll never let you go !

Selena: Promise?

Justin: Yes baby !

He gave me a passionate kiss .

Justin: Promise me will be together Forever and Always.

Selena: Always and Forever.

I started smiling .

Selena: Justin . Where are your parents and siblings ?

Justin: Obviously sleeping .

Selena: Wouldn't she get mad me and Demi are here ?

Justin: Nahhh . She loves you guys.

Selena: Haha Ok .

We started watching the movie again . We were cuddling .

Justin : Are you tired Sel ?

Selena: Yes .

Justin: Come lets go upstairs . I'll carry you up the stairs .

Selena: Please Baby .

Justin: Of course babe .

He picked me up and i wrapped my my legs around his waist . I rested my head on his shoulder . We got to his room & then changed . I honestly didn't care if he saw me in my bra and underwear . I wore one of his shirt's and just slept in my underwear . He just slept in his boxers . We cuddled . Couple minutes later i was dead asleep .

A/N~ 2nd chapter!!! I'm gonna update A LOTT!!!

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