I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


7. Minnie Biebers

(Justin's P.O.V.)

It was 12:06 when i woke up because of the dumb sun . I then realized that Selena wasn't in my arms . I put on shorts and ran out of my room . I saw her downstairs in the kitchen talking to my mom .

I walked down the stairs .

Pattie: Yeah, Justin use to be really athletic when he was younger .

Selena: Awwwww ! I loved when he played baseball he looked so adorable !

I put my arms around Selena from behind and she jumped a little .

Justin: Good Morning Princess .

Pattie: Good afternoon actually !

Selena started giggling .

Justin: Why did you get uppp !?

Selena: Because i was hungry .

Justin: Oh .

Selena: Yeahhh ! So what do you want to eat ?

Justin: Pancakessssssss !

Selena: I'll get you your pancakes .

Selena got up and got my pancakes . I realized she was wearing my sweatpants and tank top .

Justin: You look so adorable when you wear my clothes .

She turned around and smiled at me . She then got me my pancakes .

Justin: Thank you baby .

I then grabbed her and made her sit on my lap . I started eating my pancakes and Selena was talking to my mom . I loved how she got a long great with my mom .

Justin: I love how you get along with my mom .

Selena: I mean i have known her for 3 years!? She is practically my mom .

Justin: Awwww!

I kissed her on the cheek . I was soon done with my pancakes . Selena threw my plate away for me .

Justin: Thanks babbyyy !

Selena: Your welcome Juju .

A couple minutes later we heard 2 little kids foot steps .


She hopped off my lap and ran over to them to give them a hug .

Selena: I missed you guys soo muchh !

Jazzy: I miss you too Sell !

Jaxon: Same heree !

Selena: Hey Jazzy do you want to play dolls ?

Jazzy: Yeahhh !

Justin: Jaxon and Jazzy where are my hugs !?

They both ran up to me to give me a hug .

Justin: Jaxon do you want to play with cars ?

Jaxon: Yeah . I- I get the big blue one . Y- You get the small purple one .

Justin: Ok buddy . Lets go play .

Selena: Yeah come on Jazzy . Lets go to your room !

Jazzy: Okay !

She grabbed Selena's hand and they headed to Jazzy's room . They went into Jazzy's room and played dolls . I went into Jaxon's room and we played cars .

Justin: V-V-V-Vooooooooom ! I crashed into your car !

Jaxon started giggling .


Justin: Wow buddy ! You flipped my car !!

We started laughing. We continued playing for 2 hours, until Jaxon got hungry .

Jaxon: Justin I'm hungry .

Justin: Ok come on buddy lets go get you something to eat .

Jaxon ran out of the room and downstairs before i could even grab him .

I was gonna go see what Selena and Jazzy were doing . I haven't seen my baby in 2 hours !

I opened the door and Selena was dressing Jazzy up as a princess .

Justin: Aww look at my two princess !

I walked up to Selena and wrapped my arms around her from behind .

Selena: I love your sister . She is so adorable!

Jazzy: Thank you Sel for dressing me up !

Selena: Anytime Jazzy !

Justin: Jazzy are you hungry ? Jaxon is downstairs eating .

Jazzy ran out of the room and downstairs to eat .

Justin: I missss youuu ! Jazzy took you away from me !

I made the pouty face and Selena started giggling .

Justin: You know you sound so cute when you giggle .

Selena: You know that you look cute .

Justin: Well so do you !

Selena: Thank you Juju .

Justin: Anytime princess . Now lets go watch a movie downstairs in the living room .

Selena: Okayy !

I swung Selena over my shoulders and she got scared .

Selena: OH MY GOSH JUSTIN ! Put me down !

Justin: No !

I started running down the stairs .

Selena: JUSTIN ! Your gonna drop meeeeee!!!!


Selena: No Justin ! I am very ticklish !

Jazzy and Jaxon ran over to me and i dropped her on the couch . We all started tickling her and she was doing those silent laughs . We soon stopped and she was out of breath .

Selena: O-O-Omg Ju-Justin .

Justin: Hey i haven't tickled you in the longest ! And thanks Jazzy and Jaxon for helping me !

They both high fived me .

Selena: Jaxonnnnn, Jazzzzyyyy ! Ima get youuuu !

Jaxon and Jazzy started running all over the house and Selena was running behind them . She caught them and started tickling them .

She then stopped so they could continue eating .

Justin: Babe wanna go to the park?

Selena: Sure . But i need clothes .

Justin: You left a punch of your clothes here last time . Its upstairs in my closet .

Selena: Okay, Ima go get dressed .

Justin: Same .

We walked up the stairs . She looked in my closet for her clothes and she ended up wearing black high waste shorts . A crop top that had no sleeves and was a turtle neck . It was red and blue lines . And red converse .

I decided to wear black jeans a white v neck and my supras .

Justin: Baby you look beautiful .

Selena: Not so bad yourself .

Justin: Come on lets go .

A/N~ I have a lot of chapter's to publish! Like 40 something more! Omg! But chapter 7 compete:)

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