I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


15. Mind off

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I woke up with the hugest headache . I got up and brushed my teeth . My makeup was smeared . I cleaned it off and went downstairs . I saw Demi there .

Demi: Finally awake sleepy head .

Selena: Ugh i have a huge headache . Its annoying .

Demi: Here i have pills for the headache.

She gave me pills, i took them . We soon started watching tv .

*Ding Dong*

Selena: I'll get it .

I walked over to the door . I felt like smashing the door in their face . I tried shutting it but they blocked the door with there foot .

Selena: Justin . Please leave .

Justin: No Selena . I'm sorry . I'm sorry . I love you to the moon and back . What i did was stupid i know . Just please forgive me princess ?

Selena: Fuck you and your princess . Justin i'm done ! You seriously used me . Played with my feelings ! You did it once and i forgave you . I gave you a second chance and you blew that too ! You got mad at me when i talked to a guy ! You weren't happy . Now try seeing me kissing another guy right in front of you ! Hm . How would you feel !? HOW WOULD YOU FEEL JUSTIN !!?!?!

He stayed quiet .

Selena: Exactly . I'm gonna change my number .

Justin: No please Selena . I love you .

Selena: Go tell Alex that .

Justin: No . She is worthless ! I love you with all my heart . I'll tell you why i kissed her ! Its because-

Selena: You have feelings for her . I know Justin .

Justin: NO ! Selena she said she was gonna hurt you ! I swear ! She told me if i kissed her she would leave US alone !!!

Selena: Well there is no 'us' so have fun with Alex .

Justin: Selena ! Don't say that ! I love you . I cannot live without you! I only did that so she wouldn't hurt you Sel ! She told me if i pulled away or anything she would hurt you ! I don't want her to do anything to you baby ! I fired her . She was getting in the way and ruined everything . I couldn't let her ruin us babe .

He leaned for a kiss but i pushed him away .

Selena: I gotta think about it .

Justin: Sel please .

Selena: I don't know Justin .

I shut the door . I was leaning on the door .

Demi: Its okay Sel . Come here .

She put her arms out . I hugged her tight and cried in her shoulder.

Selena: I love him so much Demi .

Demi: I know . He loves you too. But no one can love you as much as i love you .

Selena: Thank you Demi .

Demi: Anytime . We're sisters .

I hugged her even tighter .

Demi: Now lets go change your number .

Selena: Okay but i don't have clothes .

Demi: You can wear mine . Wear whatever you want .

Selena: Ok thanks Demii .

We went upstairs and changed . We were soon all dressed up . We hopped into Demi's car .


Cashier: Your new number is 555-111-2233 .

Selena: Okay thanks .

Demi: Bye have a great day .

We left Verizon .

Demi: Wanna go to the mall ?

Selena: Yessss ! I wanna buy clothes !

Demi: Lets go then !

We were driving to the mall . We got there and went into PacSun .

Demi: This is cuteee !

She pointed to a crop top that was long sleeve . It was all black and in white it said 'Forgive' .

Selena: Get it !

Demi: Obviously !

We continued shopping . We tried on our clothes and soon paid for it.

Demi: How long did we take in there ?

Selena: About an hour .

Demi: Oh . Well i'm hungry . How bout you ?

Selena: Starvingg !

Demi: Lets go to the food court then !

We were walking to the food court.

Demi: McDonalds ?

My heart sinked a little because it reminds me of the day when me and Justin went to go eat there for breakfast the day he talked to my dad .

Demi: Sel are you okay ?

Selena: Uh ya-yeah .

Demi: No what happened ?

Selena: Its just reminds me of Justin .

Demi: Aw its okay Sel ! We need to get your mind off him . Lets get pizza instead !

We went and got pizza . We ordered a medium pepperoni . We ate it all !

Selena: Come on . Lets just walk around for now .

Demi: Alrightt .

We started walking around . Then me and Demi saw a familiar face .

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