I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


4. McDonalds

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Selena and I are currently on our way to McDonald's. We had the radio. The song 'Confident' was on. I was singing it to Selena.

Justin: Focus . I'm focus . She got a body like that i've never seen anything like that . Like a fantasy in front of me .

I continued singing .

Justin: She's got my attention . She's confident . She's confident . And i'm done with it .

I soon finished the song . She was smiling really big .

Selena: I love you Juju

Justin: I did write that song about you .

She was smiling , it was sooo adorable when she did .

Justin: You look so cute when you smile .

Selena: Thanks baby . You look cute 24/7 .

Justin: Not as cute as youu !

She started blushing and then pecked my cheek .

We just listened to the radio the whole way there . Selena was just looking out the window . I know she was thinking of something .

Justin: Babe, whats wrong ?

It took her a while to answer me .

Selena: Oh, um nothing .

Justin: Babe.

I looked at her with a tell-me-whats-wrong face .

Selena: I was just thinking how it would go if you talk to my dad . I don't want him to break us up . What if he hits you . You are 18 . What if he makes you stay away from me . What if he yells at you. What if-

I grabbed her hand.

Justin: Stop thinking so negative baby . I won't let him hurt me . I'll go karate on him .

We both started laughing .

Selena: You don't even know karate .

Justin: Shush .

She started giggling . But honestly i don't know if everything is going to go okay . I hope it does . But i just don't know , because he did tell me he thought i wasn't the one for his daughter . That i wasted my time at the studio . But i know Selena is the one for me . When I met her at the M&G ! She looked beautiful ! We exchanged numbers and everything . We were growing strong feelings for each other . Then i soon got the nerves to ask her out .


Justin: May i please have pancakes, sausage and haw brown please . Make that 4 of each please .

Cashier: What do you want to drink ?

Justin: Selena do you want coffee?

Selena: Yeah .

Justin: Okay that would be 2 coffees please .

Cashier: Ok, anything else ?

Justin: No, that's it .

Cashier: Ok . That would be 19.99.

I took out my wallet and gave her a 20.

Cashier: You can go sit down, we will bring your food to you .

Selena: Ok .

I grabbed her hand and walked to a table .

Justin: You really look gorgeous baby .

Selena: Thank you Juju .

Justin: Anytime Sel .

I then got on my phone and checked twitter . The top trend was #Jelena . I was smiling really big and it was a picture of us on the Ferris Wheel kissing .

Selena: What are you all smiley about ?

Justin: Look at the top trend on twitter .

I showed her my phone and she just started smiling .

Selena: Save it . Send it to me . I'm putting it as my wallpaper , i love that picture .

Justin: Anything for you princess .

Selena: Whats a king's bed without a queen .

Justin: I love you baby .

Selena: I love you moreee !

Justin: Noo i-

I was interrupted by the cashier .

Cashier: Here is your food Jelena .

We both smiled at her .

Justin: How did you know it was us ?

Cashier: You might have shades and your hoodie up but Selena doesn't and i know your voice .

Justin: Oh .

We all started laughing . She then left .

Justin: You should really wear shades next time .

Selena: But nobody really notices me !

Justin: But what if fans see you and start running after us !

Selena: Then i guess we would have to run fast .

Justin: Oh my gosh .

We started eating . What i love about our relationship is that we are ourselves . She acts dumb but a cute dumb and i act like a straight up idiot .

After 10 minutes we were done eating .

Justin: Ready to go ?

Selena: Yup .

She said it popping the 'p'

Justin: Lets goo

We walked out and walked to my car . We both got in .

Justin: Time to go talk to your dad.

Selena: Lets go.

A/N~ Chapter 4 complete lol. Tell me what you think.

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