I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


24. Leave

(Justin's P.O.V.)

While i was at the party i pumped into my ex best friend Cassidy . I stayed there talking to her . I was holding her hand . I thought there was nothing bad about it . We use to hold hands all the time ! Selena soon came walking up to us . Cassidy walked away.

Selena: What was that about

Justin: Nothing baby .

Selena: Justin .

Justin: No really baby .

I mean it really wasn't anything . I just hugged her tight . We then continued partying . Everybody left at 10:00 .

I asked Selena if she wanted to watch tv . She said yes so we went upstairs to watch tv. We got upstairs and i got a phone call from Cassidy . I answered it . I guess Selena was mad because she got out of my arms .

Selena: Oh .

She then walked out the door .

Justin: I'm so sorry Cassidy but i gotta go . And yes i'll visit you tomorrow .

I then hung up and walked downstairs to Selena .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Justin picked up the phone with Cassidy and started talking to her like i wasn't even there! I just got out of his arms .

Selena: Oh .

I then walked out of the room . I heard Justin.

Justin: And yes i'll visit you tomorrow .

At that point i was furious . I walked downstairs to the living room and just watched tv there . Justin soon came down .

Justin: Baby come hereeeeee !

He pulled on my hand to get me up .

Selena: No .

I pulled my hand out of his grip .

Justin: Babe whats wrong .

Selena: Nothing .

Justin: No Selena . Something has to be wrong .

Selena: Just go with Cassidy already .

Justin: Is that what its all about ?

Selena: Just leave .

Justin: No babe . I-

Selena: Don't call me "babe" . I hate how you do stupid things and i still forgive you ! Like i'm stupid. But this is the last time you'll ever mess up-

Justin: I know it is . I want to be with you and i would lo-

Selena: Well i don't want to be with you . I've had enough of the stupid things you do . Leave !

Justin: Wait wha-

Selena: LEAVEEEEE !!!!!

I cause Drew and Isabelle to come out of their rooms .

I then got Justin and pushed him to the front door .

Justin: No baby I-

Selena: Save it . You can go to Cassidy's house right now if you want to . I don't care what you do or say anymore .

Justin: But ba-


I opened the door and pushed him out . I started balling my eyes out . I was sitting by the door crying . Drew and Isabelle saw everything .

Drew: Come here Sel .

I got up and he gave me a hug . I cried in his chest .

Drew: Its gonna be alright . Trust me Sel . Justin isn't worth it .

Selena: I love him so much . I don't know what to do . I don't know .

Isabelle: Selena the only thing you can do is stay strong . You are a strong person . You are beautiful !

Selena: I just don't know . I don't know what i did for him to do that to me .

Drew: Whatever he did was wrong of him . But what did he do ?

Isabelle: Drew !! Don't ask her ! Thats the least thing she wants to talk about is him !!

Selena: No its fine .

I told them everything that happened . They couldn't believe it.

Selena: Yeah i know . I'm gonna go to sleep now .

Drew: Okay Goodnight Love you .

He kissed me forehead .

Isabelle: Goodnight Sel . I'll be here if you need me . Sweet Dreams .

Selena: Thanks . You too .

I went upstairs to my room and tried to go to sleep .

It was now 4:03 am and i still couldn't fall asleep . Thought after thought I soon fell asleep . But he never left my mind that night.

A/N~ Another chapter:) So it's 3 am and I'm wide awake.-. I'm writing chapters for you guys:) You're all beautiful don't forget that:)

Stay Swaggy xx

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