I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


14. Khalil's Party

(Selena's P.O.V.)

We got to Khalil's house . It was packed . We got out of the car . We walked in holding hands . There were people drunk and smoking weed . The music was louddddd !

Justin: Come on baby .

Selena: Hey .

Justin: Yeah ?

Selena: Lets be young and dumb just for tonight .

He started smiling .

Justin: Okay .

We walked around trying to find Khalil . We found him outside smoking weed .

Justin: YO KHALIL !

Khalil: Oh hey man . You wanna try?

He offered us some weed .

Justin: No its fine .

Selena: No i wanna try .

Justin: No Selena you don't have to .

Selena: But i want to .

Justin: Are you sure ?

Selena: Yeah .

Justin: Okay .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Selena: Yeah .

Justin: Okay .

I can't believe Selena really wanted to smoke weed . I've done it before but i don't want her to think i was pressuring her . Khalil gave us some . We started smoking it .

Justin: Have you ever done this ?

Selena: Yeah .

Justin: Wait what !? You have ?

Selena: Last time with Demi .

Justin: But when ?

Selena: Last week .

Justin: Why didn't you tell me ?

Selena: Thought you'll get mad .

Justin: Selena you can do whatever you what . I'm not controlling you baby .

I gave her a kiss on the cheek .

Our eyes soon got pink and chinky. We were both high .

Justin: Come on babe .

We walked back into the house . I soon saw someone that was gonna start drama .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Me and Justin walked back into the house . We soon saw someone. They were gonna start drama . But luckily they didn't see us .

Selena: Justin .

Justin: Yes baby .

Selena: Yolo .

Justin: Yeah and ?

Selena: How many drinks do you want ? I'm gonna be to turnt in no time .

Justin: Are you sure baby ?

Selena: Yes babe .

Justin: Okay . Lets go then .

We started drinking . We were drunk . It was crazy .

Selena: J-Justin .

Justin: Yes babe .

Selena: I love you .

We started partying . Then the drama started.

Alex: Hey Justin !

Justin: Hi .

Alex: Come here baby i wanna show you something .

She took Justin's hand and went upstairs with him . It seemed like he forgot about me ! Like what the hell ! I stopped drinking and drank water . I soon found Demi arguing with Alfredo . Demi was mad because i could hear her .


Alfredo: No i didn't . I swear .

Demi: Whatever Alfredo . I'm doneee ! Your annoying and a lier.

She walked over to me and started crying .

Selena: Omg ! What happened Demiiii !

Demi: Alfredo kissed a girl . He said he was going to the bathroom and then i saw him making out with someone !

Selena: Aw Demi ! Its alrightt !

I hugged her tight.

Selena: I'm done too .

Demi: What do you mean ?

Selena: Justin is like half drunk and he went upstairs with Alex . You know what that means .

Demi: He might not even do anything .

Selena: Trust me he will .

Demi: Losers.

Selena: Mhmmmmmm !

Demi: Oh if you don't mind me asking but why are your eyes pink? Were you smoking?

I started laughing .

Selena: Yeah with Justin and Khalil.

Demi: Why didn't you invite me!?

Selena: I didn't know where you were at.

Demi: Whatever .

Selena: Come on lets enjoy the party together .

Demi: Lets danceeeeeee!

We both started dancing . I soon saw Justin leave the room from upstairs . He looked exactly how he left . But i still didn't trust him. But it really put a hole in my heart when i saw Alex leave the room and started making out with him . He didn't pull away . He kissed back .

Selena: Demi .

Demi: Yeah ?

Selena: I'm done . Look .

My eyes started to get watery . I pointed up where Alex and Justin were making out . And Demi looked furious .

Demi: THATS IT ! We are leaving . I cannot let you be heartbroken seeing this . Tomorrow we are going to the store and changing your number . We are leaving them behind .

Selena: Okay . Lets go .

Me and Demi walked out . She drove to her house . It was 3 in the morning ! I changed into sweatpants & i just kept my bando on . I took off the cardigan .

Selena: I'm tired, goodnight .

Demi: Nighttt !

(Justin's P.O.V.)

I went upstairs with Alex . I felt so bad for leaving Selena downstairs alone !

Justin: What do you want ?

Alex: Justin i know you want me.

Justin: No i don't . I love Selena . You're just a back round dancer .

Alex: Justin we had a thing .

Justin: No we didn't Alex .

Alex: If you leave that room and make out with me until i pull away i'll leave you alone.

Justin: I can't.

Alex: Then i guess i'll just hurt Selena.

Justin: No stop. You can't hurt her.

Alex: Then kiss me.

Justin: But- Fine.

Alex: Thats what i thought.

I left the room and Alex was right behind me. We were in front of the door and we started making out. I wanted to pull away sooo bad but she would hurt Selena.

She soon pulled away . I looked down and i saw Demi and Selena staring . They both looked furious. They then left .


Alex: Oh Justin . You still have me.

Justin: Get the fuck away from me. You slut. I'm telling Scooter to kick you off the team . You're not gonna be a dancer no more .

Alex: Whatever.

I was about to chance after Selena but then the cops came.

Khalil: HURRY ! GO !!! COPS ! COPSS !!

I ran out the back door . And into the woods. A lot of people got caught . I soon saw the cops were gone . I walked back to the house.

Justin: Yo Khalil you here ?

Khalil: Yeah . I had to hide .

Justin: I'm gonna crash her for tonight . Do you mind ?

Khalil: Not at all .

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