I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


27. I miss you

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Selena: I miss you Justin .

Justin: Me too baby . Me too .

We were both crying . I wanted to let go but i just couldn't . But i had to when i remember he was taken . I let go of him and walked away .

Justin: Woah baby what happened?

I wiped my tears away .

Selena: Don't you have another baby, named Cassidy ?

Justin: No . That was just a rumor.

Selena: But i just do-

I was interrupted from him smashing his lips against mine . I wanted to pull away but i couldn't . His soft full lips . He soon pulled away .

Justin: I swear baby there is nothing going on with us . Its a rumor she is going out with Ryan .

Selena: Okay but i don't even know if i should trust you .

Justin: Why not ?

Selena: Justin . The stuff you did 3 months ago ? I just can't .

I walked away he was right behind me . I was walking towards my crew . Justin soon grabbed my hand .

Justin: Please babe . I love you so much . The media doesn't have to know about us if that is what you want . We'll keep it a secret. I just want you back in my arms . I've been having trouble sleeping these past months . But when i see you i have a smile on my face. Just please baby .

Selena: I really don't care if the media knows about us . I just don't know to give you another chance .

Justin: Please baby .

I looked deep in those gorgeous brown eyes and he really did mean it .

Selena: Fine bu-

I couldn't even finish before he smashed his lips against mine . I soon pulled away .

Justin: But what ?

Selena: How are we gonna work this out ? We are both on tour .

Justin: It'll work baby i promise .

I just smiled and turned around . He put his arms around me from behind . We walked to my crew with his arms still wrapped around me.

Jimmy: You did wonderful Sel !

I hugged him . Then my stylist Vanessa came up to me .

Vanessa: You did amazing ! I see you got Justin back .

Selena: Thank you .

I looked up at Justin with a smile .

Selena: And yes i did .

He pecked my lips .

Selena: Oh Vanessa have you seen Demi ?

She pointed behind her . I saw Demi at the vending machines .

Selena: YO DEMI !

Demi: SELLLL !

She turned around and ran to me . She caused me to let go of Justin .

Selena: You did amazing in Neon Lights !

Demi: Not as amazing as you !!

Selena: Thankss .

Justin: I saw you crying on stage . I can't believe it . You have no clue how bad i wanted to run to you and kiss you . I am so sorry baby.

Selena: Its fine .

I kissed him passionately . I soon pulled out when i heard someone call my name .


I turned around .


I ran to him a hugged him tight . He lifted me up .

Alfredo: You were amazing tonighttt !

Selena: Thank you .

Justin: Okay thats enough hugging now give me back my baby .

I let go of Alfredo and went with Justin . He wrapped his arms around me from behind .

Alfredo: Have you seen Demi ?

Demi: I'm right heree !

She was behind him .

Alfredo: Come here baby !

Demi walked to him . They started kissing .

Selena: Come on baby i need to go get changed .

Justin: Okay .

We walked to my dressing room . I took off my dress to change into my shirt and sweat pants and a sweater . Justin was staring at me.

Selena: May i help you ?

Justin: You look so beautiful baby. I want Selena time .

I was only in my bra and underwear . I walked up to him . He was sitting on the couch . I put each leg on each side . I was now sitting on him . I started kissing his neck he let a small moan come out.

I got off of him and changed .

Justin: You teaseeeeeeee !!

Selena: Sorry not Sorry .

Justin: We better finish .

Selena: Can't . You have a show tomorrow .

Justin: Yeah here in Washington DC .

Selena: I have a week off so i can go to your concert tomorrow .

Justin: YAYYYY !!!!

A/N~ Do you think they really would be able to work it out? Who knowssss.... 500 READSS OMGG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCHHH!!!! MOSTLY THE ONES THAT READ MY FANFICTION WHENEVER I HAD LIKE 2 READS!!! I LOVE YOUUUU😘😘😘😘💕💕💕💕

Stay Swaggy xx

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