I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


3. I don't know yet.

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I woke up by the sun hitting my face . I dug my face into Justin's neck. He was still asleep. He looked so adorable . He looked like a little baby . I soon got my phone and took a picture of him . I put it up on Instagram .

@selenagomez : Aww my baby sleeps so adorable !

I soon got thousands of likes . People only see me as Justin Bieber's girlfriend . Some people think i'm using him for fame, which is annoying . But i just ignore it . It never really gets to me . I put my phone away . Five minutes later, Justin woke up .

Selena: Good Morning sleepy head .

Justin: Mmmmmm

Selena: Aww someone is still tired!

Justin: Mhmmmm

Selena: Well i'm getting up .

I got up and walked to the bathroom . I fixed my hair which was a mess ! I just put it up in a messy but cute bun . I then brushed my teeth . I soon felt hands around me .

Justin: Why did you get up babe ?

Selena: I needed to get up . I wasn't even tired anymore , plus the sun kept on bothering me .

Justin: Well i don't care . You need to lay back down with me .

Selena: Justin no . Come on baby get up .

Justin: Ughhhh babyy !

Selena: Pleeeaseeee !

I gave him the puppy dog face .

Justin: Your lucky i can't resist that face !

Selena: I know .

I gave him a kiss on the cheek .

Justin: I think i deserve more than that !

Selena: You got morning breath . Brush your teeth and then i'll give you a kiss .

Justin: Omg baby .

Selena: I still love you .

Justin went to go brush his teeth . I got a pair of his sweat pants i put then on . Justin came back and put his arms around my waist .

Justin: Now where's my kiss .

I turned around and kissed him .

Selena: Happy ?

Justin: Very !

I soon heard the door creak open . I haven't seen that kid in the longest!

Selena: JAXON !!

I ran up to him and hugged him tight !

Jaxon: Sel- Sel- Selena . I- I can't brea-

Selena: Oh i'm so sorry Jaxon !

Jaxon: Its okay .

Justin: Woah , woah , woah . Jaxon why are you hugging her ? She is mine .

He got down on his knees as well and hugged me from the side .

Jaxon: Cause i want to poopy !

He then ran away and down the stairs .

Selena: You heard him, because he wants to poopy.

I started laughing for 1 minute straight .

Justin: What that is what he calls me now . Do you like the nickname hmmmmmm ?

Selena: Ye-Ye- Yeah !

Justin: Omg . Lemme put on a shirt and shorts and we'll go downstairs and eat breakfast .

Selena: Okay, hurry up . I'm hungry !

Justin put on his shorts .

Selena: You're taking tooo long !

I then ran down the stairs .




I hid behind the counter .

I got up a little bit and i didn't see Justin anywhere . I couldn't even hear him . I got scared .

Selena: Justin?

I continued looking .

Selena: Justin stop playing around! I'll never kiss you again if you don't come now !

I was soon turned around and someone smashed their lips against mine. I knew those soft lips were Justin . I pulled away .

Justin: I'm here .

Selena: You scared me soo much !

Justin: How ?

Justin started laughing .

Selena: I don't know...

Justin: Honestly i think its adorable.

He pecked my lips . I then heard foots steps. I looked over and it was Pattie !

Selena: Good Morning Pattie !!

Pattie: Hey sweetie .

Justin: Morning mom .

Pattie: Morning son .

Justin: Mom can you make something to eat ?

Selena: Justin !

Justin: What ?

Selena: She just woke up ! Let her relax . Don't worry Pattie , you don't have to make us something to eat . You can go ahead and relax on the couch .

Justin: But i'm hungry !

Selena: So what . We can go eat breakfast at McDonalds ! We can take Alfredo and Demi with us .

Pattie: Are you sure ?

Selena: Of course . Just relax .

Pattie: Ok thank you, Selena .

Selena: Anytime.

Justin: ALFREDOOOO !!!!

Selena: DEMIIII !!!

Pattie: Oh guys, they wanted me to tell you that they left .

Selena: Oh .

Justin: I'll just call Alfredo to meet us at McDonald's .

Selena: Ok . But Justin i don't have clothes .

Justin: Last time you left clothes here . You can just wear that .

Selena: Okay . Go call Alfredo .

Justin: Okay .

Justin left to call Alfredo . I just stayed and talked to Pattie .

Selena: So how are you ?

Pattie: Goood ! How are you ?

Selena: Good , but not for long . Justin is going on tour .

Pattie: Awww . Its okay sweetie . Trust me, he'll visit you everyday he can .

Selena: I know .

I tried to put a smile on my face but couldn't .

Pattie: Maybe you can come on tour with us !?

Selena: I wishh ! But my dad is sooo over protective ! But i'll ask him . Its worth a try .

Pattie: Okay you do that !

Selena: But what if Justin doesn't want me on tour ? What if i'm just going to be a distraction ?

Pattie: Don't think that . Justin loves you . You guys been together for 2 years ! Almost 3 !

Selena: I know . I guess i'll go if i can !

Pattie: Good ! We all would want you there !

Justin came back from the room . I didn't really care, i just kept on thinking if i should go on tour with him . I might get more hate . He might not be able to focus as much anymore .

Justin: Alfredo say that- Baby what happened ?

Selena: Oh umm nothing .

Justin: No really babe. What happened ?

Pattie: Tell him Sel .

Selena: Welll- Well your mom asked me if i wanted to go on tour with you .

Justin: WAIT WHAT ! OMG ! That is amazing ! Finally my baby can go on tour with mee !!

Selena: Justin i don't know yet though .

Justin: But why not !?!

Selena: My dad...

Justin: Oh, i wanna talk to your dad .

Selena: If you want .

Justin: I do .

Selena: Haha ok .

Justin: What i was saying is that Alfredo said he doesn't want to come because Demi is in the cuddling mood .

Selena: Omg Demi .

I stood up because i knew that i needed to get ready .

Justin: But its only gonna be us two nowww !

Justin wrapped his arms around me . I turned around and looked up at him and smiled .

Selena: Yeah .

Justin: Lets go get readyy babe .

He grabbed my hand and we walked up the stairs to get ready .

We were done getting ready and then we left to McDonalds .

A/N~ Hehehe another chapter:)

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