I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


43. How dare you

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I woke up an got dressed . Today I was going to a M&G . I was very excited because I got to meet fans !

I took a long shower . I then got changed into black high waste jeans, a brown crop top and a black cardigan . I wore eye liner, mascara and foundation . And lipstick of course . I took a few selfies . I put one on Instagram .

@selenagomez: M&G today ! I can't wait to see some of you ! I love you #Selenators💕

It was 2:00 . I needed to be downstairs at the lobby at 2:05 . So I headed down .

I got down to the lobby and saw everybody there.

Selena: I'm ready to go !

Ashley: Wait what time is the M&G at ?

Jimmy: 6 .

Ashley: Why are we going so early then?

Selena: Can we get something to eat first ! I'm starvingg !

Jimmy: Sure . Come on Lance .

Lance is my bodyguard . He is also very funny . We got outside . The fans started screaming louder and paparazzi kept on shouting questions . I kept my head down . We got into the car and drove to McDonald's .


We all ordered our food and sat down . McDonald's was crowded with fans . They were all waiting outside . I soon got a phone call . I read the caller ID and smiled . It said 'Babbyyyy😘💕' I answered it .

*On the phone*

Selena: Hello ?

Justin: Baby ! I want to .

Selena: Want to what ?

Justin: Make it official that we are dating !

Selena: Really ?

Justin: If you want to .

Selena: Yes I do . I hate keeping it a secret .

Justin: Me too baby !

Selena: Is that why you called ?

Justin: Yeah . I'm gonna go visit you tomorrow .

Selena: No babe you're on tour .

Justin: I'll push the dates back .

Selena: No you can't . They'll be disappointed .

Justin: Fine in a week when I get on brake .

Selena: Okay . I love you .

Justin: I love you baby . Bye princess .

Selena: Bye Baby .

*End Of Call*

Ashely was staring at me and she had a smirk on her face and her eyebrows raised .

Ashley: Was that Justin ?

Selena: Obviously !

Ashely: What did he want ?

Selena: He wants us to tell the world that we are going out and he is gonna come visit me in a week .

Ashley: Awwwwwww ! You are so cute together !

Selena: Thanks Ashh !

Jimmy: Come on we have to go or else we would be late .

We all nodded our heads and went outside . All the fans were screaming . I was just looking down smiling . Before I got in the car I yelled to them .

Selena: I LOVE YOU ALL !!!

With that I went inside the car and to the M&G .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Alex: Baby come cuddle .

Justin: Hold up . Let me call Alfredo real quick .

Alex: But why . I want to cuddle .

She was walking towards me and put her arms around my neck . We were both staring into each other's eyes .

Alex: Can I at least have a kiss ?

I smiled and gave her a kiss . Now I know what you may be thinking why are you doing that if you're dating Selena !?! Me and Selena are drifting apart . So I thought I'd give Alex a chance.

Alex: Now come cuddle .

Justin: Fine .

We walked over to the bed and started cuddling. The door soon flew open .

Alfredo: You are so lucky I came and not Demi !

Justin: Why what happened .

Alfredo: She left her charger here last night .

Justin: Oh it's over there .

I pointed to the bed across from us .

Alfredo: Ok than-

Someone soon opened the door .

Demi: Have you- What the fuck are you doing Justin !? You little son of a bitch ! I swear once Selena finds out she is going to be heartbroken !

I jumped out of the bed .

Justin: Please don't tell her !

Demi: She is my best friend ! Oh my god Justin . I still can't believe you . Selena deserves someone way better . And Alfredo ! I bet you knew !

Alfredo scratched the back of his neck .

Alfredo: Yes I did .

(Demi's P.O.V.)

Demi: Both of you are dickheads .

Alfredo: What did I do ?

Demi: Bitch you didn't tell me . You could've stopped it ! But no you didn't . Now lets see what happens once Selena finds out !? Don't expect her to stay .

Justin: But she won't find out .

Alex started giggling .

Demi: Shut the fuck up . With your ugly ass laugh.

Alex: Excuse me ?

She got out of bed .

Demi: That's right . You heard me .

She then threw a punch at me causing me to fall .

Demi: Oh you little son of a bitch ! You shouldn't have done that .

I got off the floor and pushed her hard causing her to fall . I got on top of her and started throwing punches . Alfredo got me off of her . He picked me up and held me back . Justin grabbed Alex . I tried to get out of Alfredo's grip .

Demi: Get the fuck off of me !!

Alfredo: No baby .

I turned to him .

Demi: Don't you dare call me baby . Trust me I'm not your baby .

He loosened his grip and I got out of it . I walked out the door and out the bus . Alfredo ran after me .

Alfredo: Baby where are you going ?

Demi: On tour with Selena .

I walked into our bus and went inside the room to pack up my things .

Alfredo: Baby please don't do this .

I continued packing .

Alfredo: Why are you doing this ?

Demi: I'm done with your and Justin's bullshit .

Alfredo: Please baby !

Demi: No !

I was done packing .

Demi: Goodbye Alfredo .

With that I walked out the door . I was so angry but yet upset . I couldn't believe Justin cheated on Selena and Alfredo knew about it . I don't know what to do ! Should I tell Selena or wait until she finds out herself ?

A/N~ FINALLY UPDATEDDD!!!' Sorry i haven't updated in 3 months!! It might take a while to update the next chapter. But a logged back on today and realized that i had 2000 people reading my FanFiction!!! Thank you all soo muchh!!

I love youu❤️

You're all beautiful❤️❤️

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