I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


22. Hot tub

(Selena's P.O.V.)

We got upstairs to our room and went into the bathroom .

Justin: We should get in the hot tub .

Selena: Do you want to ?

Justin: Duhhhh !

I started giggling .

Selena: Okay .

We turned on the hot tub and while it was filling up and stuff we took of our clothes . Justin was starting dead at me .

Selena: May i help you ?

Justin: You're so sexy baby .

Selena: So are you . Now come on lets get in .

I got in and Justin got in after me . We were just talking .

Selena: Justin ?

Justin: Yes baby .

Selena: You do realized you are going on tour in 2 days .

Justin: But your coming with me... Right ?

I just said quiet .

Justin: Baby you said you'd come with me .

Selena: But that's before Drew came back . I haven't seen him in 2 years !

Justin: Wow.

Selena: Are you mad ?

Justin: Whatever .

Selena: Oh . Alright then .

I got out of the hot tub and wrapped my towel around me . It was annoying . Justin was putting himself first . Does he not realized i really miss Drew and we were really close !?! I got out of the bathroom and put my undergarments on . Justin soon came out of the bathroom . He had his boxers on .

Justin: Come here baby .

He grabbed my hand and pushed me towards him . We were now really close together not an inch between us .

Justin: I'm sorry baby . If you want to spend time with Drew you can baby .

Selena: I will go on tour with you babe . Just not now . But promise to FaceTime me every night and text me ?

Justin: I promise . If anything goes wrong and i'm on the other side of the world, i'll come back here . I would always put you first never last . Don't you forget that .

Selena: I won't .

We started kissing . Until Drew came into the room .

Drew: WOAH !

We turned around . I was only in my bra and underwear and Justin was only wearing his boxers .

Drew: Get dress there is people here .

Justin: Okayy !

Drew walked out of the room and me and Justin started laughing .

Justin: Baby what are you wearing.

Selena: This .

I got out my pink strapless dress . It went down like 3 inches under my butt .

Justin: I love when you wear that dress !

Selena: I've never wore the dress fool !

Justin: Whateverr .

We both started laughing and got changed . Justin wore overalls with a white shirt and his supras . He didn't buckle the strap of the overalls so it was dangling but he looked so perfect !

Selena: Baby you look so sexy .

I walked up to him .

Justin: Not so bad yourself .

He grabbed my butt and picked me up . My legs were now wrapped around his waist . And my arms around his neck . We started kissing passionately . Then Drew came into the room again . We broke the kiss .

Drew: Why do i always walk in while you guys are kissing !?! I should really knock !

Selena: Ya think !

I got off Justin and turned to face Drew . Justin still had his arms around me from behind .

Drew: But i came here to say that people want to see you guys .

Justin: Okay tell em we will be right down .

Drew: Okay .

Drew soon left the room .

Justin: Promise me baby that you wouldn't let anything get between us !

Selena: I promise .

We got out of the room and walked downstairs where everybody was at .

A/N~ Chapter complete:)

Stat Swaggy xx

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