I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


34. Hospital

(Justin's P.O.V.)

The ambulance came . They took off Selena's skates and put her on that one thing and dragged her outside to the ambulance . I wouldn't let go of her hand but I had to .

Justin: Can I get in the ambulance with her?

Doctor: Are you a relative ?

Justin: No .

Doctor: Then I'm sorry you can't .

Drew: Wait I'm her brother .

Doctor: Hurry come in then !

Drew hopped into the ambulance . The ambulance drove away fast . We all got into the truck and drove to the hospital .

We got to the hospital after a 5 minute drive . I parked the car and we ran out. We saw Drew in the waiting room . I tried so hard to hold my tears back .

Justin: Where is she !? Is she going to be okay !?

Drew: She is in the emergency room and i hope so .

I looked over and Demi was crying . I walked over to her .

Justin: Don't cry Demi .

Demi: I can't . She has been my best friend as long as i remember . I just don't want anything bad to happen to her . She is my sister Justin .

Justin: Everything gonna be alright . I'm trying to stay strong . I love her a lot . I am worried as much as you are .

Alfredo: Come here baby .

He walked to Demi and hugged her tight . He was lucky he had his girl . We all took a seat and waited for the person at the front desk to tell us that . Twenty minutes went by and they finally called us .

Lady: Who here is waiting for Selena Gomez?

We all raised our hands . She lady looked in shock .

Lady: I'm sorry but only 1 of you can go in at a time .

Drew: Justin you can go .

I nodded .

Justin: What room is she in ?

Lady: 318

I ran to the elevator and went to the 3rd floor. I got to the room . She was asleep . I kneed down to her and held her hand . At that point i couldn't help but cry .

Justin: Selena Marie Gomez . I love you so much . You are the reason I wake up with a smile on my face and looking forward to my day . I hope you are alright and trust me baby when you get out of here, we are gonna sleep under the stars . Watch the sunset . Have an amazing picnic . I'm gonna continue to spoil you, until the end of time . I love you . You are my princess .

I felt more tears flowing down my cheek . I soon wiped them off when the doctors walked in .

Doctor1: We just came in to check if she is doing okay .

Justin: Do i have to leave ?

Doctor2: Of course not . You can stay .

I smiled and sat down on the chair . They were doing all these things to her . They checked her head . When they checked it . The doctors looked at themselves and ran out of the room . They seemed to be in a rush . It was weird .

So far 10 minutes passed and she hasn't woken up . Someone opened the door . It was the whole crew .

Justin: Hey guys .

Chaz: She hasn't woken up yet !?

Justin: Obviously not .

Madison: What are you gonna do when she wakes up ?

Justin: Kiss her . And just saying when we get out of here she is mine . I'm not sharing her with either of you .

Drew: Woah . I'm her brother .

Justin: You've had her for 17 years . My turn.

Drew: Whatever Bieberrr .

We all started laughing . We just stayed there. It was 12:00 am . It was getting late . But none of us were tired .

Drew: Do any of you want McDonald's ?

We all said yeah .

Drew: Okay . Come on baby . Lets go .

He got Isabelle's hand and they left . I wish i could do the same it Selena . But she is just sound asleep not knowing I'm here .

Justin: What's taking her so long to wake up!?

Za: She'll wake up Justin .

Justin: I want her to wake up nowwww .

I was tired . Tired of waiting .

Demi: Looooookk !!

She pointed to Selena . She was fluttering her eyes open . I rushed over to her .

Justin: Oh my gosh baby ! Finally you woke up !! I been worried sick . I love you .

I gave her a passionate kiss . She pulled away and looked worried .

Justin: What's wrong ?

Selena: Who are you?

My heart broke into million of pieces . She lost her memory . I couldn't believe it . The one person I fell in love with, doesn't know me anymore . My eyes were getting watery . I couldn't help it .

Justin: Yo- You don't remember me ?

Selena: I'm sorry, no .

The doctors walked in .

Justin: She doesn't remember me !?! Howwww !?! You guys have to do something!!!!

I was furious with the doctors .

Doctor: She hit her head so hard that she lost most of her memory . She still remembers some things but not all .

Justin: But she is the love of my life !! How did she forget me!!!!?!?!?!?

Ali: Justin calm down .

He walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder .

Justin: No I can't calm down ! I love her and knowing that she doesn't even remember me !? That really breaks my heart !

Doctor: What do you remember Selena ?

Selena: Ummm I don't know .

Doctor: Who is someone important to you ?

Selena: My best friend Demi .

I looked over at Demi . Her eyes got watery and she walked over to Selena .

Demi: You remember me ?

Selena: How could I forget !?

Justin: You forgot me .

I was now crying . The crew might have been there but I just couldn't take it . I rushed out the door and went outside . I sat on the bench . Some fans noticed me . I had to wipe my tears and put a smile on my face . I took a picture with a lot of them .

Fan: Hey can i- What's wrong ?

Justin: What do you mean ?

Fan: You're heartbroken . I know you are . What happened ?

Justin: They love of my life doesn't remember me .

I started crying again . She hugged me tight.

Fan: You've been there for me in the worst times and you always told me that everything is gonna be alright . It's gonna be alright . Selena loves you . She'll remember you . Ya'll gonna have an amazing future ahead of you . If you truly love someone you don't give up on them . So don't give up on Selena .

Justin: I won't .

Fan: Good luck . Hope you and Selena have an amazing future . Goodbye . I love you .

Justin: Thank you for the advice . Don't you want a picture ?

Fan: All I ever wanted is to help you like you helped me . Plus you are heartbroken . I can't make you put a smile on your face when you can't .

I smiled and hugged her .

Justin: I love you .

She smiled .

Fan: Me too .

She pulled out of the hug and left . All that I knew was that I had to make Selena remember me . I don't know how . But I will.


Stay Swaggy xx

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