I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


38. Goodbye

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I really didn't know if I could continue to put up with it . I see death threats . One of them really broke my heart and that was:

@Alwaysherekidrauhll: Get the fuck away from @justinbieber or else ! I hate you @selenagomez ! Justin deserves someone WAY better ! #Die

I didn't know what to do . I was just gonna end things . We both need to be on tour but we aren't . No wonder they hate me . I went upstairs and started packing up my things . Luckily Justin was still asleep !

I was done packing . I called Demi to come pick me up and drop me off at the airport. She said ok . I remember i forgot my straightener, I was gonna go get it and while I was walking to the bathroom, I hit my toe .

Selena: SHIT !

Justin started waking up . He looked over at me then the bags . His eyes started getting watery . He jumped out of bed and put on his boxers that were on the floor .

Justin: W- what are you doing ?

I just said quiet and looked down .

Justin: Please baby . Don't leave me . I love you .

He walked over to me and made me look up.

Justin: Don't leave .

Selena: I'm so sorry but I have to .

Justin: No you don't .

Selena: Yes I do Justin .

He started crying at that point . My eyes were getting watery but I was trying to hold them in .

Justin: Why ?

Selena: They hate me .

Justin: WHO !?

Selena: Beliebers . I can't do it anymore Justin .

I got a text from Demi that she was here . I started walking down the steps . I started walking towards the door but Justin grabbed my arm .

Justin: Please don't leave me .

Selena: I'm suppose to be on tour and so are you . We had to separate sooner or later .

Justin: I don't care how many miles we are apart . I just want to consider you mine .

Selena: I can't do it anymore Justin ! I just can't .

Tears started flowing down my cheek .

Justin: I'll tell them to stop ! Just baby please !

Selena: Justin I can't ! I have scars from all this drama . They hated me since day 1 .

Justin: What about us !? What about everything we've been through !?

Selena: I got to move on and be who I am .

Justin: But I love you .

Selena: I love you too but I can't take it anymore . I'll miss you Juju .

I gave him a tight hug .

Selena: I love you .

I walked out the door and into Demi's car . I started balling my eyes out . Demi was rubbing my back .

Demi: Its going to be fine Sel . I promise you!

Selena: I love him so much !

I was crying in my hands .

Demi: Look . Look at me .

I looked over at Demi .

Demi: You're gonna be alright . I know its hard now but at least you'll be drama free . Justin's fans are just being idiots . The hate is tough but you have your Selenators ! We are all gonna get through this together .

Selena: I hope so .

Demi: You will .

Selena: Thanks for always being there !

Demi: Anytime !

Selena: Can you please drop me off at the airport now ?

Demi: Of course .


I got on my plane . I was heading to Pittsburgh . The plane ride was 2 hours .

I got off my plane and went through security. The only thing I could think about was Justin. Justin. Justin.

I got attacked by fans . Security helped me through . I got out to the parking lot and saw one of my dancers Ashley . Me and her are reallly close ! I hopped into the car .

Ashley: Hey girl !

Selena: Hi .

Ashely: What happened !?

Selena: What do you mean ?

Ashley: You're upset . What do you have on your mind .

Selena: Justin .

I started crying .

Ashely: Don't cry ! You're stronger than that . Sel what happened .

I told her what happened . All she could say was wow.

Selena: I know .

Ashely: Promise me something ?

I wiped my tears away and somewhat stopped crying . I was still sniffing .

Selena: Anything.

Ashely: You are going to be brave and keep your head up high . You have a whole life ahead of you . You're the most strongest person I know . I hate seeing you like this . I will help you get through it ! To start it off we are gonna get Starbucks !


I hugged her from the side . She started laughing

Ashely: Lets go .

She started driving to Starbucks .

A/N~ Chapter complete:) Later on in the story it might take me longer than usual to update because I need to start writing. Like I already wrote these from a while back and I'm just not publishing them.

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