I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


13. Getting Ready

(Selena's P.O.V.)

We got to rehearsals and we all got out of the car . We got in and saw the people fixing the stage .

Selena: Wow the stage looks so bigg .

Justin: I know .

Demi: I'm gonna go look for Alfredo .

Selena: Okay ! I'll see you in a few.

Demi: Okay .

Justin: Come on lets go . I gotta rehears .

Selena: Okayyy ! Beat you there !

Justin: Okay but your not gonna be able to run .

Selena: Huh ?

Half a second later i was being swung above Justin's shoulder . He started running .

Selena: Justinnnnnnnn !

I started laughing . He started turning in circles .

Selena: Omg Justinnnn !

We then got into the room . Everybody started laughing .

Justin: Hey guys should i put her down ?

Selena: Yes you shouldddd !

Scooter: Justin put her down . You need to rehears .

Justin: Fineee !

He then put me down and pecked my lips .

I stayed in the room while he was practicing .

He was rehearsing Beauty and the Beat . He then came behind me and started grinding on me .


We all started laughing and I playfully pushed him away. He started laughing. He continued the song . It was soon finished .

Scooter: Good Job Justin ! You have rehearsals at 3:30 Monday . We are gonna practice on stage this time .

Justin: Okay .

I was on my phone next to Scooter. Then the last person i wanted near us was in front of us .

Alex: Hey Justin . Nice job !

She then gave him a hug . I walked away from them .

Justin: Yeah whatever . Baby come here .

I turned around and he was walking towards me .

Selena: Yes ?

Justin: Don't walk away from meeee . I need you with me .

I started giggling.

Justin: Come on lets go .

Selena: Take me home . I-

Justin: Wait what !?! No baby i love you . I swear i-

Selena: Justin calm down . I need to go home because Khalil invited us to a party . I'm gonna go . Are you ?

Justin: If you are then i am .

Selena: Okay . Before we leave we gotta wait for Demi and Alfredo . We have to take them home remember ?

Justin: Yeah . Lets go .

We walked around trying to find Demi and Alfredo . We finally found them .

Selena: Come on guys . Lets go !

Alfredo: Its fine you two can go . We'll just take a cab home .

Justin: You sure ?

Demi: Yeah . We'll see you at Khalil's house . You are going rightt ?

Selena: Yeah .

Justin: Okay cya !

Alfredo: Bye !

We turned around . We were holding hand while we were walking out . We got to his car . He started driving to my house .

Justin: Baby we're here .

Selena: Ok thanks . Pick me up at 8 .

I pecked him on the nose . I then got out of the car . I walked into my house . I haven't seen my dad and mom in a while . They're usually at work . I walked up to my room and took a shower .

I took 30 minutes in the shower . I put on my clothes . The towel was wrapped around my hair . I changed into black high waste jeans . A bando that was flower print . And a black cardigan . I wore my pink heels .

I soon dried my hair and straightened it . It was down to my waist when i did . It took my 1 hour to do my hair . Justin was gonna be here in 45 minutes .

I started doing my makeup . I put on eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick . It took my 30 minutes to do that . I just went downstairs and had a snack and watched tv until he came .

*Ding Dong*

I opened the door and saw Justin .

Justin: You look beautiful baby !

Selena: Thanks babe .

I gave him a kiss on the cheek .

Justin: Lets go .

We walked out the door and into his car . We were on our to Khalil's party . Hopefully nothing goes wrong .

A/N ~ chapter 13 complete:) BUT OMG JELENAAA IS COMING BACKKK!!! FIRST THEY WENT TO DINNER THEN TO THE MOVIES AND BEFORE THAT THEY WENT TO THE STUDIO TOGETHER AND JUSTIN SLEPT ON HER SHOULDER!!! Omg I can't help mu Jelena feelings right now! If you were on twitter yesterday, omg sooo much drama!!! But I love you alll

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