I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


10. Finally

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Justin: Why are you torturing me !?

She started laughing and stood up so my arms weren't around her anymore . And went to throw away her trash .

Justin: Baby come backkkk !

Selena: I know you want me i know you careee !

Justin: So your singing baby nowwwww !

Selena: Your gonna have to drink sweattt !

Justin: I don't care . You are seriously torturing meee . Its not fairr .

Selena: Sucks to suck .

She grabbed an apple and was walking to the living room . She accidentally dropped it and i saw her butt . Those shorts are short .

I went back to the living room . Selena was still on the couch alone . I felt like cuddling with her soooo badddd . I kept on seeing her yawn . A couple minutes later she finally said something .

Selena: I'm going to shleep . Goodnighttttttt !

Demi: Same . I'm starting to get tired . Come on lets go sleep .

Demi pecked Alfredo on the lips and they walked up stairs .

Alfredo: I see you . Holding yourself back from doing anything.

Justin: I hate this dareeee !

Alfredo: The dare is off .

Justin: REALLLYY !?!

Alfredo: No .

My face turn to a huge smile to a huge frown .

Justin: I hate you.

He started laughing .

Justin: Thats not funnnnyyy !

Alfredo: It is to me !

Justin: Whateverrr !

I was getting kinda tired so i went upstairs and went to sleep . A couple minutes later i was dead asleep .

*The Morning*

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I woke up by Demi kicking me off the bed . She woke up as well because she heard the big bang when i fell off . We started laughing. Two minutes later you see Alfredo and Justin rushing in .

Justin: Omg ! Selena are you okay!? What happened .

Selena: Demi kicked me off the bed .

I started laughing again and so did everybody else .

Justin: Wowwwww .

Alfredo: You guys hungry ?

Selena: I am .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Selena: I am .

Justin: Well lets go eat thennn !

Alfredo: Come on Demii !

Demi: Okay , but i ain't trynna walk. Carry me ?

Alfredo: Finee !

He picked Demi up and gave her a piggy back ride .

Selena was there laughing at them. I wish i could do the same to her but the dumb dare .

She got up and her phone was on the floor so she ducked down and got it . When Selena stood back on her feet, I picked her up. I didn't care about the dare .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I grabbed my phone from the floor and stood back up . I was then being picked up .

Alfredo: Justinnnnnnnn ! The dareeee ?

Justin then put me down .

Justin: I don't care about the dare anymoreee ! I need my babbyyy in my armsss !

He then smashed his lips against mine . He pulled out .

Alfredo: Guess the dare is off .

I was soooooo glad because i really did need Justin . I then jumped back into Justin's arms .

Selena: FINALLLYYYYY!!!!!!

I gave him a passionate kiss. I soon pulled away.

Justin: From now and then we can't make dares like that.... Alfredooo !

Alfredo: Whateverrrr !

I hopped off Justin .

Justin: Noo ! Noooo ! Nooooooo ! I am holding you until my arms fall off . I haven't had you for more than 12 hours !

I started laughing .

Selena: Okayy .

I hanged back on him and we walked down the stairs .

A/N ~ Chapter 10 completeeee:)

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