I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


42. FaceTime

(Selena's P.O.V.)

*On the phone*

Selena: Baby I have to go .

Justin: Nooo !! Don't hang up !

Selena: I have to go preform . I'll FaceTime you when I'm done preforming ! I love you .

Justin: I love you too baby . Good luck ! And you better !

I started giggling .

Selena: Love you .

*End of call*

I'm back on tour and so is Justin . We are still together that is the good thing .

Jimmy: Selena you're on stage in 2 minutes !!

Eveybody told me good luck and then I went to get ready to go on stage .

I went on stage the screams got louder and the smiles got bigger. I love my fans more than anything . I started singing my songs . I finished a few songs so I decided to talk to my fans .

Selena: So how are you all doing tonight !?

They all screamed good .

Selena: So tonight I want to do something special for all of you. One lucky fan is gonna come on stage and I would do whatever they want me to do for them .

They all screamed . I looked around the crowd . I want to get somebody far away from me because they aren't near me .

Selena: I'll be right back .

I ran off stage and all the lights turned off . I made my way to the top row . The lights then turned back on . When they did I was beside the luckiest fan, she started crying .

Selena: Would you love to come on stage with me ?

She nodded her head yes . I smiled and grabbed her hand and walked down the stairs . We got to the stage .

Selena: So what do you want me to do ?

She whispered in my ear .

Selena: You want me to do it now ? Right here ?

She nodded her head quickly . I smiled .

Selena: Ashley can you go get my phone ?

Ashley went to go get my phone .

Selena: So what is your name sweetheart ?

Selenator: Marie

Selena: You have my middle name !

We all started laughing . Ashely came back with my phone .

Selena: Thanks Ashh .

Ashely: Anytime .

I got to Justin's contact and FaceTimed him .

Selena: I'm FaceTiming Justin guysss !!

They all screamed . Some "Awed"

He finally picked up . I held the camera to the screaming fans .

*On FaceTime*

Justin: Hey ba- Oh my goodness where are you ?

Selenator: WHAT DID HE SAY ?

Selena: Oh snap you can't hear . Lemme plug it into the speakers .

I walked over to the speakers and plugged it in .

Selena: Justin say something .

Justin: I love you !

They all went "Awww" I started smiling .

Justin: Wait why did you FaceTime me now ? You are in the middle of your concert !

Selena: A fan dared me too .

Justin: Oh . Now let me see your beautiful face .

Selena: Stopp Justinnn !

I said giggling a little . The whole crowd went "Awww" Justin started giggling as well .

Selena: Justin I gotta go . I'll FaceTime you after the concert .

Justin: Bye Sell ! And bye Selenators ! I love you alll !!

Everybody yelled "Bye" and I hanged up .

*end of FaceTime*

I continued the concert . It was soon over .

Selena: Goodbye everybody ! Love you alll ! See ya at the M&G tomorrow ! If you don't have some sneak in !

I got off stage . I met everybody there .

Selena: Have you seen Ashley ?

Vanessa: She is in her dressing room changing .

Selena: Okay tell her to come to mine when she is done .

Vanessa: Ok .

I smiled at her and she smiled back . I walked to my dressing room and got changed . When I was done changing I heard a knock at my door . I opened it and it was Ashley .

Selena: Hey girrrll .

I let her in and walked to my bag .

Ashley: You FaceTimed Justin on stagee !

She smirked at me . I started giggling .

Selena: Yeah .

Ashely: That is cute ! But won't people get suspicious you two are dating ?

Selena: Right now I don't really care if they think suspicious or not . They can only say stuff when we make it official and we haven't .

She started giggling .

Ashely: Lets go to the hotel .

Selena: Okay lets go .

*20 minutes later*

I got to my hotel room . It was 10:15 . I went to bed and got my phone to FaceTime Justin . I was somewhat tired but I promised him I'll FaceTime him whenever the show is over . After 2 rings he picked up .

*On FaceTime*

Justin: BABBY !!

Selena: Hey babe !

Justin: Are you in bed ?

Selena: Obviously ! I just got done with my concert . Where are you at ?

Justin: In Texas .

Selena: Oh .

Justin: Yeah and baby guess what !?

Selena: Whatt ?

Justin: I love you .

I smiled really big .

Selena: I love you too .

We were on FaceTime for an hour .

Justin; Baby are you tired ?

Selena: Yes ,

Justin: Well goodnight ! I love you so much princess !

Selena: I love you too . Goodnight baby .

*End of FaceTime .

I was drifting off to sleep and all I could think about was Justin. He has been extra sweet lately . It's cute but I find it strange . Maybe it's because we are hundreds of miles apart . But I don't care I love him and that is all that matters .

A/N~ Thank you so much for being so patient!! I'll try to update more often:)

I LOVE YOU😍😍😍😘😘😘

Stay Swaggy xx

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