I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


26. Emotional

(Selena's P.O.V.)

*3 months later*

A lot has happened these past couple of months . Justin still texts and calls me . I ignore them . Justin started tour and i released my album . The album became #1! I also started a tour 1 month ago . Tonight i was playing in Washington DC .

Jimmy: Selena you go on stage in 10 !

Selena: Okay ! I'm almost done !

I finished my makeup . I was ready to go on stage .

I soon came out on stage and singed Stars Dance, Naturally, Who says, Come and Get it, then the song that really gets to me, Love Will Remember .

Justin's Voicemail: Hey babe its me . Um i just wanna call and tell you that i love you so so so much . Just wanted to let you know that you are my princess, my worthy of. All the love in the world, you are the love of my life .

I started tearing up .

Selena: Nows all we got and time can't be bought . I know it inside my heart forever will forever be ours, Even if we try to forget . Love will remember . You said you love me, i said i loved you back . What happened to that(x2) All your promises and all them plans we had . What happened to that(x2)

While i was singing, i was crying . I soon finished the song .

Selena: Sorry I'm getting emotional . I'll be back .

I walked backstage . Demi came running up to me .

Demi: Don't cry Sel . Don't cry .

Selena: I'm gonna stay strong . I can't cry . They look up to me .

Demi: Good for you .

I walked away to fix my makeup . I fixed it in 2 minutes and went back on stage .


Selena: I'm fine thanks for asking . If you have someone you care about and they did something to you. You have to be careful because after that mistake could leave to another, and another.

Fan2: Do you miss Justin?

Selena: Yes, I do sweetheart.

The whole crowd said "Aww" . I then sang You didn't mean it . Then Neon Lights .

Selena: For Neon Lights my best friend helped me write it and she is an amazing singer . DEMI ! Come out hereeee !!!

(Yes I know its Demi's song lol)

Demi soon came out . The crowd went wild . We started singing .

Demi: Baby when they look up at the sky. We'll be shooting stars just passing by . You'll be coming home with my tonight . We'll be burning up like neon lights .

Selena: They steal my heart cause it's freaking out, it's freaking out, right now. Shining like stars cause we're beautiful, we're beautiful, right now .

Demi: You're all I see in all these places . You're all I see in all these faces . So lets pretend we're running out of time, of time .

Selena&Demi: Baby when they look up at the sky . We'll be shooting stars just passing by . You'll be coming home with me tonight . And we'll be burning up like Neon Lights .

We soon finished the song .

Selena: Give it up for DEMI LOVATO EVERYBODY !

The crowd went wild . Me and Demi hugged and she walked off stage . I then sang Tonight I'm Getting Over You .

(This song is written by Carly Rae Jepsen)

Selena: I wanna smash your fears . And get drunk and off your tears . Don't you share your smile with anyone else but me . I wanna touch your heart and crash it in my hands . Make it bleed and cry as you give up all them lies . Were not lovers but more than friends . But a faint to every word you ever said. No more crying to get me through. I keep dancing til the moment with somebody new. Tonight I'm getting over you .

I soon finished the song . The concert soon ended .

Selena: Bye guys ! I love you all ! You've helped through the toughest situations . And just know i'll always be by your side . Love you !

When i was about to turn around i saw a familiar face .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Two months ago i found out Selena been going to the studio and she got a record label . I think that was the surprise she was going to tell me . But today she was doing a concert in Washington DC . I was gonna go and see her .

The concert started . She was singing Love Will Remember . My voicemail was in the beginning of the song, i saw her tearing up . I felt like running up to her and telling her i love her . I make her cry on stage . That is the worst feeling in the world .

The concert soon ended . We made eye contact . I know she saw me because she started tearing up . She ran off the stage . I ran to her . I gave her the tightest hug i could ever give someone . The crowd stared while she cried in my chest .

Selena: I misss you so much Justin .

Justin: I miss you too baby . I promise i would never leave .

Selena: You said that the last time.

Justin: This time i mean it . Now lets go backstage . Bye everybody!

We walked backstage .

Selena: I miss you Justin .

Justin: Me too baby . Me too .

At that point we were both crying .

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