I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


19. Don't ever do it

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Justin: W-Why ?

He picked me up and set me down on the table . I was now sitting on the table, Justin in between my legs . I couldn't look at him in the eyes . It would have hurt both of us .

Justin: Selena . Look at me .

I kept my head low .

Justin: Selenaa ! Look at me . Please .

He put his finger on my chin and made our eyes make eye contact .

Justin: Why ? Your perfect .

Selena: I was stressed . I was tired. I felt worthless . I couldn't take it .

Justin: But you shouldn't have done this . When did you do this?

Selena: This was early today .

Justin: How about these .

He pointed to the 3 on my stomach .

Selena: The day of Khalil's party when i got to Demi's.

Justin: I wasn't there . I wasn't there when you needed me the most . I wasn't there . You needed me by your side but i was stupid. Its all my fault .

Selena: Baby . Don't blame yourself . Its not your fault . Its mine . I didn't think twice before i did what i did . I love you Baby . I hate seeing you like this . Just please stop saying its yours .

Justin: But it is . I-

Selena: No its not babe . Please stop .

We hugged passionately . I pulled out of the hug and we started kissing passionately . I wrapped my legs around his waist . We kept on kissing . He soon started kissing my neck . I let out a slight moan . Our lips attached again . He took me off the table and carried me up the stairs . We haven't broke the kiss . That soon leaded us to making love .


(Justin's P.O.V.)

I woke up at 10:45 . Selena was still sleeping like an angel . When i woke up i was tangled in the covers. I was pressing Selena close against me . We were both naked .

After an hour of me watching tv in our room, Selena woke up .

Justin: Good morning princess .

Selena: Morning babe .

Justin: Gimme a kiss .

I puckered my lips and she turned around and gave me a kiss .

Justin: I love those soft lips of yours .

She started blushing .

Justin: Baby you blushing .

Selena: Pshhh nooo .

She then dug her head in the crook of my neck .

Justin: No lemme see that beautiful face of yours .

Selena: No.

Justin: Don't make my twinkle you!

Selena: NO !

She then looked up at me .

Justin: Thats what i thought . But you took to long .

I started twinkling her . She was laughing really hard .

Selena: Ba-babe stoppp !

I stopped after 5 minutes .

Selena: I hate you .

She then got up from bed and put her undergarments on and my shirt. She then walked out the door.

Justin: BABY ! Come backkk !

Selena: NOOOOOOO .

I ran to my boxers that were across the room and my shorts . I then ran out the door . I looked downstairs but she wasn't there. I then looked in the kitchen she was looking in the fridge . I walked to the kitchen really quiet .

I turned her around and cause her back to hit the fridge .

Justin: Now . You think i'm gonna let go of you.

Selena: No .

Justin: Thats what i thought .

I picked her up and start kissing her until Alfredo and Demi interrupted us .

Alfredo: GET A ROOM !

I gave him the finger . They started laughing .

I soon pulled out of the kiss and Selena let go of me .

Selena: Demi i gotta tell you somethingg .

Demi: Okay come here .

What was she going tell Demi !?

They both walked away . I soon heard them laughing and screaming. They came back after 5 minutes .

Justin: What was that all about ?

Selena: Nothing . You'll find out .

Justin: Ughhh . It better be soon !

Selena: It will . I gotta go to my house though. Lemme go get my clothes .

Demi: Holdddd uppp . Why is your clothes down here . Did you- YOU DID !!

We all started laughing .

Alfredo: We did too .


Alfredo: It wasn't the first .


Demi: Shut up !

We all started laughing . Selena went into the living and put on her sweatpants and took off my shirt and placed her's on .

Selena: Here's your shirt .

She threw my shirt to me . I put it on .

Selena: Justin come with me .

Justin: Where ?

Selena: My house . My dad invited you .

Justin: Really ?

Selena: Yeah . He said he needed to show us something .

Justin: Oh alright . Do i just go in this ? Its dirty .

Selena: I have a lot of your clothes at my house . Don't worry .

Justin: Really ?

Selena: Yeah come on .

Justin: Alright . Byeeee guyss ! See you soon.

Alfredo&Demi: Byeeeee !

Justin grabbed his car keys and drove to my house .

A/N~ Chapter complete:)

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