I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


25. Didn't mean it

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I woke up and Justin wasn't there . It felt weird . I always woke up in his arms . He would always tell me Goodmorning . I miss him so much and it hasn't even been 24 hours .

I got on my phone and checked twitter . Justin has been tweeting .

@JustinBieber: I miss you so much baby:(

@JustinBieber: You told me you'll never let me go but you did...

I then tweeted .

@SelenaGomez: I miss you but can't do it right now .

@SelenaGomez: I still love you

I got off of Twitter and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth . I then went downstairs . I wasn't in the mood to eat .

Drew: You want pancakes ?

Selena: No thanks .

Drew: You sure ?

Selena: Yeah . And can you drop off at the studio .

Drew: Wait what!?!

Selena: Oh i haven't told you yet but these past 5 months i've been going to the studio . I got a record label by Jimmy Stars . I'm almost done with my album .


He stopped cooking and hugged me .

Selena: And you know you were listening to me song yesterday .

Drew: Really ?

Selena: Yeah Stars Dance . On the radio .

Drew: No wonder i felt like that voice sounded familiar !

I started giggling .

Selena: Yeah but can you ?

Drew: Duhhhh ! What time do you have to be there ?

Selena: 3:30 . I'm gonna go get ready .

Drew: Can i stay there in the studio with you?

Selena: If you want . And where's Isabelle .

Drew: She went to a friend's house.

Selena: Oh okay .

I went upstairs to go take a shower and get changed . I didn't really care how i looked like .

I just straightened my hair and wore sweat pants and a grey tank top with a black cardigan . I wore my black toms . It took me an hour .

I went downstairs and saw Drew already ready .

Drew: You ready ?

Selena: Yeah .

Drew: Lets gooo .

We got in the car and drove to the studio . It took 20 minutes to get there . We got out and i saw Jimmy .

Selena: Heyy Jimmy !

Jimmy: Hey Sel !

Selena: This is my brother Drew.

Drew: Hi nice to meet you .

Jimmy: Nice to meet you too .

They shook hands .

Jimmy: You ready to record your songs ?

Selena: Yeah and i wrote another song .

Jimmy: Lemme hear it .

I started singing it to me .

Selena: Do you see me and still feel love or have I changed inside your heart . To have only you was such a fuss . To give all of me is not enough . You left then, you came back . Sorry don't make it up to me . Sorry don't make me believe . He's down on bending knees . You're down on bending knees sayin' you didn't mean it . You didn't mean it . If you didn't mean it then why would you say it. He didn't mean it . You never mean it . Then why in the world would you say it . So tomorrow don't you know . Love me now or let me gooo . You didn't mean it . You never mean it . Then why in the world would you say ittt ! I miss the way we use to be . Now you're the one that i can't keep . Thought i was first and never last . Thought it was you I would always have .

(This song is by Jasmine Villegas)

I soon finished my song . Drew and Jimmy were clapping there hands when i was done.

Jimmy: We have to record that song . Lets go !

We started recording my songs . It took about 3 hours . We got home and Isabelle was there .

Isabelle: Sel . Justin came .

Selena: And ?

Isabelle: He wanted me to tell you that he loves you . He also came to pick up his stuff.

Selena: Its whatever he didn't even mean it .

A/N~ Drake Bell blocked me on Instagram lmao😂 Omg I hate him. Butt your all beautiful😍💕

Stay Swaggy xx

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