I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


9. Demi's house

(Justin's P.O.V.)

We soon got to Demi's house .

Selena: Justinn i don't wanna get out of the car . Can you carry me in ?

Justin: Of course baby .

I got out and walked to Selena's side . I gave her a piggy back ride . Selena rang the door bell with her foot .

Justin: You would be the one to ring the doorbell with your foot .

Selena: I just did !

We both started laughing . Demi finally opened the door .

Demi: Justin, Alfredo is upstairs in the guest room, i need to talk to Selena in private .

Justin: Okayy.....

I walked in and put Selena on the couch . I kissed her forehead and walked up stairs .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Selena: So what did you need to talk about ?

Demi: I need your advice ! I think Alfredo might be cheating on me .

Selena: OMG DEMI ! Don't think that !? Don't assume ! But why ?

Demi: He was on the phone and i heard 'I love you too' like whattttttttt !?! I asked him what that was all about but he didn't answer me !

Selena: Awww Demi !

I then embraced her into a hug .

Selena: I'm sure he has a perfectly good reason for it !!

Demi: I don't know...

Selena: Come on !

I stood up in front of her and put my arm out so she could grab .

Demi: Where we going ?

Selena: You and Alfredo are gonna go talk this out .

Demi: I don't know...

Selena: Come onn !

I grabbed her hand and pulled her off the couch and walked up the stairs.

(Justin's P.O.V.)

I opened the door to where Alfredo was and he was sitting on the bed. His eyes were red a puffy .

Justin: Hey man what happened ?

Alfredo: Well i was on the phone with my aunt and i told her i loved her and i guess Demi took it the wrong way ! I wanted to tell her but i couldn't . I don't know why . I felt like she wasn't gonna believe me and cause a bigger mess .

Justin: You should just tell her the truth . She trusts you . She would have to believe you and if not show her your recent call on your phone .

Alfredo: Should I ?

Justin: Yesss ! She loves you and-

I was interrupted by Selena and Demi walking in .

Selena: Demi. Alfredo. Talk. Justin you come with me . Downstairs .

Justin: But-

Selena: Now .

Justin: Ugh fine .

I walked over to her and she pushed Demi near Alfredo . I put my arm around her and walked downstairs .

(Demi's P.O.V.)

Justin and Selena left the room and left us alone in the room . It was awkward silence for about 2 minutes . I finally said something .

Demi: Who was she .

He stayed quiet .

Demi: Alfredo all i want to know who she is . Go ahead tell me if its another girl . I-

Alfredo: It wasn't another girl . The only girl i'm into is you Demi . Your the only one i love . I've known you for 2 years almost 3 .

Demi: Then who was she Alfredo!? Who !?!

Alfredo: My aunt ! I swear it was my aunt .

Demi: Why couldn't you just tell that earlier . It seems like you're lying .

Alfredo: Because i felt if i told you the truth you wouldn't think that's the truth . And- And that- that-

Demi: And what ?

Alfredo: That I might loose you ! I can't take that risk ! I never ever want to loose you !

He looked heart broken . But so was I . I couldn't believe he really thought he would loose me . I just passionately kissed him . I pulled out of the kiss .

Demi: You would never loose me Alfredo . I promise you .

Alfredo: I was hoping you would say that .

I just smiled and pecked his lips one last time .

Demi: Now lets go downstairs with Selena and Justin .

Alfredo: Okay but you have to get on my back first .

I started giggling and got on Alfredo's back .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

While Alfredo and Demi talked things out me and Justin went downstairs and sat on the couch . We just turned on the tv and cuddled . Justin took a picture of us .

Selena: Justin ! I wasn't even looking !

Justin: I don't care . You look beautifullll !

Selena: Whatever .

A couple minutes later Alfredo and Demi come out of the room . Alfredo is giving Demi a piggy back ride . Guessing there all good.

Selena: Awwwww look at the love birds !

Demi started blushing .

Alfredo: Baby are you blushing ? Awww you are blushing !

Demi: Shutt upp !

Alfredo: You look adorable when you blush !

He then pecked her lips . They sat on the other couch and cuddled as well .

Justin: Can we play truth or dare ?

We all nodded our heads . We were turned off the tv . We then sat in a circle in the middle of the living room .

Selena: Ok i go first ! Demi truth or dare ?

Demi: Ummmmm truth .

Selena: Ok . Who's your celebrity crush ?

Demi: I don't really have one . I like there music but like i don't have a crush on them .

Alfredo: Mhmmmmmm ! You better say that !

We all started laughing .

Justin: My turn ! Selena ! Truth or dare .

Selena: Umm dare .

Justin: Ohhhhhh dareeee ! I dare you to go on tour with me !

Selena: Ain't got a problem with that !

Alfredo: Myy turrrnnnn ! Justinn ! Truth or dare ?

Justin: Umm dare !

Alfredo: Ok but remember you have to do the dare no matter what ! And to make interesting if you brake the dare you have to drink my sweat !

Justin: Your onnn !

Alfredo: Ok . I dare you to not kiss or hug not even touch Selena for 24 hours . Starting now .

Justin: WAIT WHAT !?! Nooooo !

Alfredo: To badd ! That's the dare .

Justin: But that's not fairrrr !

Justin started whining i found it funny . Me and Demi started laughing . I got up and was gonna sit between Alfredo and Demi .

Justin: Babe where are you going?

Selena: Sitting between them because i know if i sit beside you your gonna touch me and then your gonna have to drink sweat .

Justin: UGHHHHH ! I hate you Alfredo !

We all started laughing .

Selena: Ok Demi your turn .

Demi: Ok . Selena . Truth or Dare ?

Selena: Uh truth .

Demi: Okay . Are you a virgin ? Hmmmmmm !?!

She started wiggle her eyebrows at me . Me and Justin started laughing . We stopped and he smirked at me.

Demi: WAIT WHAATT !? And you never told meee !?

Selena: Oh i was gonna tell you i just didn't know when .

Demi: Whateverrrr !

We started laughing .

Selena: I'm getting tired .

Demi: Same . Come on lets go lay down .

Justin: Whoa . Aren't you sleeping with me ?

Selena: Can't . Your gonna have to drink sweat then .

Justin: Alfredo i really hate you . You're gonna get it !

Alfredo started laughing .

Selena: Come on lets goo !

We walked up the stairs . Well i got up the stairs i yelled to Justin .



I walked into Demi's room . She was changing into her pajamas .

Selena: Hey can i borrow pajamas?

Demi: Yeah ! But lets torture Justin . Wear these !

She handed me booty shorts . If they were any shorter they would show me butt . I started laughing .

Selena: Ok . It'll be fun .

I put on the shorts .

Demi: Here put this tank top on . It'll show your curvesssssss !

I started laughing again .

Selena: Ok !

I changed into that also . Demi just changed into normal shorts but she also had a tank top .

Demi: Now lets go downstairs .

Selena: but i'm kinda tired .

Demi: KINDA ! Lets just go downstairs and watch movies . I know Justin and Alfredo are doing that . So lets join them .

Selena: Fineee .

We were downstairs and they noticed us . Justin's eyes were widee open .

Alfredo: I thought you guys were going to sleep .

Demi: We decided to watch movies with you guys .

Selena: What movie you guys watching ?

Justin: Robocop .

Selena: Ooooo my favorite .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Selena: Ooooo my favorite .

Demi went to go cuddle with Alfredo & of course she sat on a different couch than me . I hate the dare Alfredo gave me . She had boooootyyy shorts and a tank top that showed her curves ! She is torturing me ! She then got up in the middle of the movie and walked to the kitchen .

I walked there too . I didn't make it obvious so i just said i was going to the bathroom . I saw Selena there on the counter, eating a snack and on her phone . I put my arms around her . I didn't care about the dare anymore .

A/N~ Chapter 9 complete:) BUT OMG JUSTIN FELL ASLEEP ON SELENA'S SHOULDER!!!!!!! Poo bear took a picture of it on shots! They also went to the studio together! THEY ARE DEFINITELY BACK TOGETHERR!!! SO CUTE OMFGGGG

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