I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


33. Crew

(Selena's P.O.V.)

We got to our house and said bye to Kenny . I ran upstairs and laid in bed .

Justin: Is someone tired .

Selena: Yessssssssss .

We were walking so much . I was tired . He got on the bed as well . He was sitting down on top of me and had each arm on one side . We were looking in each other's eyes .

Justin: So am I . But you know what I'll never get tired of ?

Selena: What ?

Justin: You .

He started kissing me passionately . He soon pulled out .

Justin: I'm really in the mood baby .

Drew: In the mood for what ?

We didn't hear Drew come in . We both turned to look at Drew and started laughing .

Justin: Ice cream.

Drew: Mhmmmmmm .

He left the room .

Selena: You got bustedddddddd .

Justin: He knows we've done it .

Selena: Obviouslyyyyy . Now let me take a shower .

Justin: Together ?

Selena: No babe . You're gonna get horny . And we aren't gonna do it . Well not now .

Justin: Fineeeeeeeee . But when ?

He gave me a smirk .

Selena: You perv .

I got a pillow and smacked him with it . We started laughing and he got off of me . I walked into the bathroom and took off my clothes . And hopped into the shower.

I took 15 minutes in the shower . I got out and wrapped the towel around me . I went into the room . Justin wasn't there but i heard the shower across the hallway so it was probably him . I dried myself and changed . I wore grey sweatpants . They are the sweatpants i usually go to the studio with and a black crop top . It was turtle neck and had no sleeves .

Justin came in . He had the towel wrapped around his waist .

Justin: You look beautiful baby .

Selena: Do i look lazy ?

Justin: Of course not baby ! You look beautifull!

Selena: Thanks babe . Now get dressed . I'm gonna go straighten my hair .

Justin: You go do that .

I walked into the the bathroom and blow dried my hair . I started straightening it . Justin came into the bathroom . He was ready . He was staring at me .

Selena: May i help you ?

Justin: Yes . I would love a kiss .

He walked up to me and I pecked his lips . I continued straightening my hair . I soon heard the camera sound go off . I turned my head and saw Justin with his phone out taking a picture . He took another one .

Selena: JUSTINNNN !! I wasn't even ready or looking . Lemme see them !

He walked over to me and showed me the pictures . I saw all of them and continued straightening my hair

Justin: I like that one .

I glanced over at the phone and it was the picture that Justin was smiling and i looked confused .

Selena: I look confused . Ew its so ugly .

I started straightening my hair . I was now done .

Justin: You done doing your hair ?

Selena: Yeah . Have you seen my makeup ?

Justin: Yeah .

Selena: Really !? Wheree !?

Justin I'm not telling you .

Selena: Baby I need it .

Justin: No you don't . You are beautiful .

Selena: Ugh fine .

Justin: Come here lets take another picture .

He pulled out his phone and took a picture . We were both smiling .

Selena: I like that one .

Justin: Same . Ima put it up .

He pecked my cheek . We then heard the doorbell .

Justin: Beat you to the door .

Selena: You're on Biebs !

We both ran out the door and downstairs . I beat him by half a second and opened the door .

Selena: HA I BEAT YOU !

Justin: By like half a second !

Selena: Shut up . I still won .

Justin: Whatever .

He kissed my cheek . The people that were at the door was the whole crew .

Selena: HEYYY GUYSSSS ! Come innnn !

They all came in . The 'crew' was Khalil, Chaz, Ryan, Lil Za, Maejor Ali, Alfredo, Cassidy, Demi, Madison, Caitlin, Christian, Isabelle, Drew. The couples are Cassidy and Ryan, Demi and Alfredo, Madison and Khalil, Isabelle and Drew . The rest are single .

Demi: Selenalenalena ! I haven't seen you !

I hugged her .

Selena: Righttt !!!

Justin: Mineeeee .

Justin pulled me out of Demi's hug .

Selena: Baby . She isn't going to take me away from you .

Justin: You never knowww .

Demi: Oh my lord . Ima go with Alfredo now .

Justin: Yeah you better !

Demi: Whateverr Justinnnn !

She walked to the living room . Everybody was there except for us two .

Selena: Come on let go .

Justin: Noo .

He pulled my arm causing me to go back to him .

Selena: What happened ?

Justin: I want a kiss .

I gave him a kiss . We both smiled through the kiss . I pulled out .

Justin: We can go now . And you are mine . Don't let them get you from me .

Selena: They will never get me baby . I want you and only you .

He smiled and we walked to the living room . They were watching a movie . Me and Justin sat on a couch for 3 . I was sitting down and Justin was laying down with his head on my lap . I started playing with his hair .

Selena: What movie are we watching ?

Za: The Three Stooges .

Justin: Omg that movie is hilarious !

Madison: I've never watched it .

Khalil: Really !?

Madison: Yeah .

Ali: You're gonna love it !

Madison: What if i don't ?

Khalil: Trust me baby . You will .

Madison: You never knoww .

Khalil: Yes i do know . Just like how i know you're beautifull .

He pecked her lips . They were the cutest .

Selena: Awwwww ! You guys are so cuteee ! How long have you been together ?

Madison: Uhh two months .

Khalil: Two amazing months !

They smiled at each other . It was so cute .

Justin: Babyy do you want pizza ?

Selena: Duhhhhhhhh !

Justin: Hey guys do ya'll want pizza ?

They all nodded their heads yes .

Justin: Okay I'll order .

He called the pizza and ordered 3 large pizzas, pepperoni .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

The pizza came . The lady that came looked like 20 .

Pizza Girl: Aren't you Justin Bieber !?

Justin: Yes i am .

Pizza Girl: Oh my gosh ! I love you so much !

Selena soon shouted from the kitchen .


She walked to the door .

Pizza Girl: Oh my gosh ! You're Selena Gomez ! I love youuuu !

I wrapped my arm around Selena . She started giggling .

Selena: Hi . I love you too .

Pizza Girl: Here's your pizza .

Justin: Thank you . Have a nice day .

Pizza Girl: Can i have a picture with you two?

Selena: Of course .

She got out her phone and took a picture with us . She took one of all of us making a silly face, smiling and one that i was kissing Selena's cheek .

Pizza Girl: You guys are so cute !

Justin: Thank you . I'm very happy with her .

Selena started blushing .

Pizza Girl: Bye love birds !

Selena: Byee ! We love you !

She left and we I shut the door .

Justin: One timeee for the pizzaaaa !

Caitlin: You're weird Justin .

Christian: We all know that .

Alfredo: Hurry up with the pizza !

I put the pizza on the table . We were all sitting and eating . I wanted to make a Instagram video . Selena was sitting in between my legs . She was having a conversation with everybody .

Selena: No , Disneyland it better !

Drew: No its not .

Khalil: Its way better then King's dominion .

Selena: Exactly !

Alfredo: But Disneyland is so crowded .

I started recording . Selena didn't know .

Selena: But its so beautiful ! I wanna go to Disneyland .

Justin: Baby look .

She looked down at my phone .

Selena: Hiiiiii guysss ! I'm Selena Gomez . Wait you already know that .

We started laughing .

Justin: With the crew .

I pointed the camera at all of them . I soon stopped recording . I posted it and all i saw on my comments was #Jelena . I was happy my fans cared .

We all got done eating the pizza .

Alfredo: What time is it ?

Chaz: 11:30 .

Drew: We should go out somewhere ?

Ali: Where ?

Ryan: ICE SKATING !? We go to the rink downtown .

Cassidy: But isn't it closed .

Justin: I'm Justin Bieber . Do ya'll forget that? Now lets go .

Christian: We all don't fit in the same car .

Drew: Yeah we do . I have a truck, we can use that .

Chaz: Okay . Lets gooooo .

We all got into his car . Drew and Isabelle were in the wayyy front . The rest in the back. Selena and I were in the trunk . I was sitting down with my legs spread and she was in between my legs, her head on my chest . I had my arms around her . She looked so beautiful with the wind in her hair .

Justin: Baby .

Selena: Yeah .

She looked up at me .

Justin: I love you soo much . Its crazy because you always put a smile on my face that no one else can .

I gave her a passionate kiss . I licked her bottom lips for entrance . She let me in . She soon pulled out for air .

Selena: I love you too Justin . I'll never let you go .

I pecked her lips .

After 10 minutes in the car we got to the ice rink . We all got out of the car . It was still open . It was all empty though .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

We all got our skates and started ice skating. I wasn't that good at first but then i got the hang of it . It was all the girls in a group and the guys in one .

Cassidy: So how is it going with you and Bieberrr !?

Selena: It-


He shouted from the other side of the rink . We all started laughing .

Selena: What i was gonna say is that it is going great . I'm sorry .

Cassidy: For what ?

Selena: Thinking you two were together or something .

She started giggling .

Cassidy: Don't apologize . It's fine .

Caitlin: Look the guys are staring at us .

Demi: Oh and look Sel . Justin is biting his lip.

Madison: What is Khalil doing ?

He kept on winking . It was hilarious . We all started laughing .

Demi: We are skating tooooo slow . Lets speed up .

We all started skating faster .

Ali: I see ya'll trying to get away from us .

They started skating fast . I was faster than all of the girls and Justin was faster than all the boys .

Justin: You trynna out do meeeee !?

I started laughing . I started skating faster . There was soon a dent in the ice . My skate got caught in it and i fell . I hit my head on the ice .


He skated over to me .

Justin: Babe are you okayy .

He kneed down to me . I sat up .

Selena: I'm fine . Just my head really hurts .

I covered the side of my forehead with my hand . I took my hand off and felt blood streaming down my forehead .

Justin: Baby you're bleeding ! Shit ! Come guys quickkkkkk !!

They rushed over to me .

Justin: We need to take her to a hospital !!

Selena: No baby . I'm fine . Trust me please . I don't need to go .

Christian: But you're bleeding .

Selena: It's fine .

Justin looked at me worried .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Selena: It's fine .

How was she fine !? She was bleeding, and hit her head on the ice . It's all my fault ! If i wasn't trying to catch up to her . I looked at her worried .

Selena: No really baby . I'm fine . It's just blood . Just help me up and we can rinse it off .

Justin: Fine . But if you feel anything strange, tell me !

Selena: I promise .

I got up and helped her up . She was just standing there .

Selena: I see stars . I don't fe-

She fell again . But this time in my arms . Her eyes were shut . She looked pale .

Justin: DREW CANN 911 !!!

A/N~ Told you something was gonna happen! You have no clue how much I love you all!! It's 3 in the morning and I'm writer. I'm starting to get tired but I'll stop once I fall asleep. Tell me what you thinkk!!!

I love you♥️

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