I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


30. Concert

(Selena's P.O.V.)

He saw my cuts and scars .

Justin: Why baby ? When ?

Selena: Your bout to go on stage babe . I'll talk you to later .

I turned around but he grabbed my hand .

Justin: Tell me why first .

He started tearing up .

Selena: A lot of reasons . Stressed, Lonely, Unworthy, Forgotten, Hurt . Now baby stop crying . I hate seeing you heartbroken .

I wiped the tear that was streaming down his face .

Selena: You are strong babe . I know you are. Paint a Smile on your face . I love you .

I kissed him passionately .

Selena: I'll be in crowd .

Justin: Baby .

Selena: Yeah ?

Justin: Wear the Justin Bieber sweatshirt instead . I don't people asking why you have those and make a fuss about it . I don't want the media finding out . They would make it worse .

Selena: Okay .

I smiled at him but he just stood there in shock still .

Selena: Good luck baby . I love you .

I pecked his lips and then walked away and took my seat .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

I was on my wings . I couldn't believe it Selena continued cutting. I was now coming down from me wings . The only thing i had to do right now was put a smile on my face .

I soon got to the song Be Alright .

Justin: Across the ocean, across the sea . Starting to forget the way you look at me now . Over the mountains, across the sky, need to see your face, need to look in your eyes . Through the storm and through the clouds . Bumps in the rode and upside down now . I know its hard babe, to sleep at night . Don't you worry cause everything is gonna be alright .

I looked over a Selena . She was smiling at me but i started tearing up . I ran to her . I gave her a passionate hug .

Justin: I'm so sorry for not being there when you needed me . Its all my fault i know it is . Just know now until the end of time i would be there for you .

She put her hand on my cheek .

Selena: Don't blame yourself . I love you .

I kissed her passionately . I pulled away .

Justin: I love you .

Selena: I love you too baby . Now continue the concert for your fans . We'll talk after the concert .

I continued . The song OLLG was next .

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Pattie: Hey Sel .

Selena: Oh my gosh PATTIE !!!

I gave her the tightest hug ever .

Pattie: I came here to ask if you want to be the One Less Lonely Girl .

Selena: I'd love to !

We walked back stage and Justin started singing.

Justin: One less lonely girl. How many 'i told yous' and 'start overs' and shoulders have you cried on before . How many promises, be honest girl how many tears have you let hit the floor .

I walked on stage .

Justin's face lit up .

I sat on a chair and he gave me flowers and a kiss . He continued singing to me .

He finished and kissed me . We ran backstage together .

Justin: I love you baby .

Selena: Me too babe .

I went back into the crowd . People noticed me and asked for pictures . I took a picture with them . The were so sweet . Well some of them .

Fan: You ugly bitch . Leave . Justin doesn't even like you .

I ignored her but she wouldn't stop .

Fan: When you weren't with him he was with Cassidy . He never cried with her . He was happy with her not you . And i have a picture of them kissing !

She got out her phone and showed me the picture . I was heartbroken because Justin told me there was nothing going on between them . But there obviously was .

Selena: You're right . I should leave .

I got out of the arena and was just walking around town . I soon found the hotel . I packed up my stuff and called Drew .

*On The Phone*

Drew: Hey Sel . Whats up .

Selena: I'm coming home for a week . Can you pick me up at the airport .

Drew: Yeah sure . Call me when you are gonna get on the plane .

Selena: Okay . Thanks Drew . Love you .

*End Of Call*

I walked out the hotel and into a taxi . He drove me to the airport .

I went through security and went to my gate. It was 9:03 . Justin's concert doesn't end until 11 . I soon boarded the plane . Before the plane flew off i texted Drew .


I got off the plane and saw Drew waiting for me . I gave him a hug . I haven't seen him in a month .

Drew: I thought you were gonna be with Justin ? Did he mess up again !?! I swear Sel if-

Selena: No it wasn't Justin . Well kinda . A fan showed me a picture of Cassidy and Justin kissing . So i left the concert .

Drew: Omg Selena i am so sorry !

He gave me another hug . Then i was soon attacked by fans and paparazzi . Drew and police guards helped me through the crowd. But i heard paparazzi yelling questions at me.

Paparazzi1: Are you and Bieber back !?

Paparazzi2: Why aren't you with Bieber !?

Paparazzi3: What do you think about Bieber and Cassidy !?

That is all i heard 'Bieber' i had to get this over with . I stopped walking and started talking .

Selena: Bieber ? Well whatever he says to me is a lie . Whatever you hear about me and Justin back together is a lie . There is no more Jelena . I'm not with Bieber because he has Cassidy to keep him company . And thats all he needs . Goodbye now .

I hopped into the car with Drew and he drove home .

A/N~ You kept telling me to update so I did:) Tbh I really only update when I see that you guys want me to update. But I love youuu💕💕

Stay Swaggy xx

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