I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


35. Come here

(Selena's P.O.V.)

I woke up . My head hurt so much . I had a huge headache . I was awoken by people's voices .

Justin: Omg baby ! Finally you woke up !! I been worried sick . I love you .

He gave me a passionate kiss . I pulled away. I didn't know who he was . I was so worried .

Justin: What's wrong ?

Selena: Who are you ?

He looked heartbroken . He looked very familiar . His eyes started getting watery .

Justin: Yo- You don't remember me ?

Selena: I'm sorry, no .

The doctors soon walked in .

Justin: She doesn't remember me !?! Howwww !?! You guys have to do something!!!!

He seemed really mad at the doctors . I had to be a huge part of his life then but I don't remember him .

Doctor: She hit her head so hard that she lost most of her memory . She still remembers some things but not all .

Justin: But she is the love of my life !! How did she forget me!!!!!!??!!?!

Ali: Justin calm down .

His name was Justin ! It reminds me of Justin Bieber . I love him so much . That kid Justin looked like him but I know for sure it wasn't him . I've never met him . He doesn't know I exists .

Justin: No I can't calm down ! I love her and knowing that she doesn't even remember me !? That really breaks my heart !

Doctor: What do you remember Selena ?

Selena: Ummm I don't know .

Doctor: Who is someone important to you ?

Selena: My best friend Demi .

Demi walked over to me . I had no clue that she was here . I didn't know some of the people in the room .

Demi: You remember me ?

Selena: How could I forget !?

Justin: You forgot me .

I looked over at him and he was crying . I was about to ask him who he was . But he rushed out the door before I could say something .

Doctor: Some of your memory is lost, you'll get it back but who knows when . It would probably take weeks, months, or years.

Selena: Okay, thanks doctor .

Doctor: Anytime .

He walked out the room . I was wondering who all those people were .

Selena: Uh Demi who are they .

Demi: Oh that's the crew .

Selena: Oh .

Someone walked through the door . I was shocked .

Selena: Oh my gosh Drew ! You're backk !!

Drew: What are you talking about ? I only been gone for 10 minutes .

Selena: Ten minutes as in two years !!

Drew: What-

Demi: She lost part of her memory .

Drew: She whatt !?!

Demi: Yeah .

He ran over to me and started crying .

Drew: Do you remember me ?

Selena: Yeah . You're my brother . I haven't seen you in 2 years .

Drew: You actually live with me now . Me, Isabelle, you and Justin .

Selena: I live with Justin ? Who is he ?

I was shocked I lived with him .

Drew: You don't remember him ?

I shook my head no .

Selena: He looks familiar . He really looks like Justin Bieber ! I wish he was mine but he doesn't know i exist .

Drew: Selena . That was Justin Bieber . You two are going out . He is your boyfriend . You've been dating for 3 years .

Selena: He is ? We have ?

Drew: Yes .

Selena: Where is he ? I want to talk to him .

Drew: I have no clue . Do you want to call him ?

Selena: Yeah pass me my phone .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

I just stayed on the bench . Thinking how I can make her fall in love with me again . Its all my fault . I wish I was the one in her position . I was interrupted by my thoughts when i got a phone call . It was "Babbyy"

I answered quick .

Selena: Justin ?

Justin: Yes .

Selena: Can you can come back in the room? I want to talk to you .

Justin: Of course .

Selena: Thanks .

She hanged up . I wiped off my tears and rushed to the room .

I got to room 318 and walked in . It was empty, only Selena was in there of course .

Justin: You wanted to talk ?

Selena: Yeah .

She sat up .

Selena: Are you Justin Bieber ?

Justin: Yes I am .

Selena: Are we dating ?

Justin: Yes for 3 years now .

Selena: Oh .

Justin: You really don't remember me, do you ?

Selena: No . Well I do but not us dating . Is there other things I should know ?

Justin: Ummm, you're mine .

She started giggling .

Justin: I will never give up on you no matter what . You're important to me . You are a famous singer.

Selena: I'm a what ?

Justin: Yeah . You're on tour now but you took a week break .

Selena: Oh my gosh Justin . I don't know any of my songs .

Justin: It's fine . You can take a break from everything .

Selena: I don't want to take a break from you.

I was so happy to hear that . I love her and she lost her memory, but her saying that is just fantastic .

Justin: Me either .

I yawned while saying that .

Selena: You're tired aren't you .

Justin: Yes . I should go home now .

I turned around and was about to start walking but she then grabbed my hand .

Selena: Stay here . Come cuddle .

Justin: Won't they get mad ?

Selena: It's worth it .

I smiled and walked over to her . I took off my shoes and laid under the sheets . I had my arm wrapped around her waist and my head in the crook of her neck .

Justin: Goodnight baby, I love you .

Selena: Goodnight.

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