I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


21. Can I

(Selena's P.O.V.)

We got to the house and it was a mansion !

Selena: Your house is hugeeee !

Drew: Ours now .

Selena: Thank you so much Drew ! I couldn't have asked for a better brother !

I let go of my bags and hugged him tight .

Drew: Anything for you Selena .

I let go and smiled .

Selena: I'm gonna go drop these off at my room . Wait which one is my room ?

Drew: Choose any room !

Selena: Reallyy !?!

Drew: Yeah go ahead .

Selena: Come here Justin !

I grabbed his hand .

Selena: Lets go find a room .

He started chuckling .

Justin: Okay baby .

We walked up stairs and at the end of the hall we saw a gigantic room . He had two walk in closets. A bathroom that was hugee and had a hot tub . And we had a king size bed .

Justin: Want this room ?

Selena: Yeah !

Justin: Lets get your stuff and put it in here .

Selena: Wait Justin don't we need your stuff too ?

Justin: Its fine i told Kenny if he could pack everything up for me and he said he would . He would bring it here .

Selena: Ok.

We got all my stuff into our room . Then Kenny soon came to give Justin his stuff . I couldn't say hi to him because i was in the bathroom when he came .

We were both done unpacking and it was 6:45 . We went downstairs to watch tv and so did Isabelle and Drew .

Drew: You know what we should do ?

Isabelle: What ?

Drew: Have a partyy !!!

Selena: We shouldddddd !!

Isabelle: I haven't partied for a while and I wanna see people .

Justin: Last time I partied I almost lost you baby .

He looked at me in the eyes and squeezed my hand tight .

Selena: Only because you messed up and went with Alex . And made out with her !

Drew: He whattt !?!?!?!

Selena: Don't worry about it . But Baby that was all on you . So we can party together and have fun or you can go ahead be with another girl . Either is fine with me .

Justin: I think i'll be with another girl . Si-

Selena: Fine with me .

I let go of his hand and walked to the kitchen. I never thought Justin would actually say that . But if that is what he wanted he can go ahead and do that .

I got a glass of water . I just sat on the counter on my phone . Until someone came behind me a wrapped their arms around me .

Justin: I'm kidding baby . I love you . I'll always put you first and never last . Your the only one i want in my arms .

Selena: If you want another girl Justin its fine. I'm not gonna be surprised if you mess up .

He turned me around and smashed his lips on mine .

Justin: You are the only one i want baby . Don't be mad .

Selena: I'm not mad . I'm happy .

Justin: Really why ?

Selena: Because you want another girl .

Justin: Babyyyyyy i-

Selena: I'm kidding babe . I love you .

He then smiled . And smashed his lips on mine .

Justin: Come on lets go continue watching the movie .

Selena: I'm actually gonna go take a shower.

Justin: Can i join ?

He then gave me a smirk .

Selena: Ask Drew .

Justin: Bu- Fine .

He walked over to Drew .

Justin: Hey Drew can i take a shower.... With your sister .

He said it really fast . I guess Drew was too into the movie to realized what he said .

Drew: Yeah sure go ahead... Wait a minute . Did you just ask me to ta-

Justin: K thanks byeeeeeeee !!

Justin ran and swung me above his shoulder.


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