I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


29. Beliebers

(Selena's P.O.V.)

It was time for Justin's concert . I wanted to wear a Justin Bieber shirt instead of a regular white one.

Selena: Baby I'll be right back .

Justin: Where you going ?

Selena: To buy a shirt .

Justin: Oh i see you .

We both started laughing .

Justin: Here my hoodie and shades . I don't want you to get attacked by beliebers .

Selena: Okay . Thanks baby .

I put it on .

Justin: Be safe babe .

Selena: I will .

I pecked his lips and walked out the door and started walking around . I soon got in line. While i was in line i heard the beliebers conversation .

Belieber1: Omg Caitlin ! I can't believe we are gonna see him !

Caitlin: Me either Brooke ! But i hate how we have the farthest seats ! We have no chance for him to notice us .

Brooke: I know it sucksss ! Its crazyy .

I wanted to help them but i didn't have tickets . I reached into the pockets of the hoodie and saw i had 2 tickets and they were really close to Justin . I turned around .

Selena: Hey, you two in love with Justin ?

Brooke: Yes ! He helped me through a lot !

Caitlin: Same ! But what sucks we have bad seats . How bout you, where do you sit ?

Selena: Oh me ? I am way closer than you think but i think you two will be too .

They both gave me confused looks . I took off my shades and they started fangirling .

Brooke: Omg ! I love you so much! You are such an amazing singer !!

Caitlin: You are so beautifull !! I love you !!

Selena: Thanks . I love you guys too !

I gave them hugs .

Selena: I wouldn't be here without you guys . And for a thank you present . I got you guys these .

I gave them the tickets .

Selena: And looks it the third row . I think he might notice you . I'll make sure of it . Just hold those signs high .

Caitlin: Thank you so muchh !!!

Brooke: Thanksss ! I love you !!

Selena: Anytime .

I bought my Justin Bieber shirt . I also bought a shirt, bracelet, keychain, and sweatshirt . I walked back where Justin was .

Selena: Hey babe .

Justin: Oh my gosh baby ! You had me worried sick ! What took you so long !?

Selena: Talked to Beliebers .

Justin: They didn't attack you, did they ?

Selena: Of course not babe .

I took of my shirt .

Justin: Are you trying to give me a boner ?

Selena: Perv . I'm just changing into your shirt .

I changed into his shirt .

Justin: You look beautiful in that shirt babe .

Selena: You look perfect in this shirt .

We started kissing . I pulled away .

Selena: Come on you need to get on your wings .

Justin: If you spread your wings you can fly away with me .

Selena: Go Justin ! I love you .

I pecked his lips .

Selena: Good Luck baby .

Justin: Thanks babe . I better see you in the crowd .

Selena: You will . And notice these two girls holding big signs . They're in the third row .

Justin: I will .

He kissed my cheek .

Justin: Babe before you go can you go get my mic .

Selena: Yeah .

I walked over to where the mic was . I handed it over to him and his face froze . I then found out what he was staring at .

A/N~ You're all beautiful😍 Never forget that💕

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