I'll Never Let You Go

Justin and Selena are in love with each other. Selena always gets hate. Does she deal with it or would she just let Justin go?


6. Anniversary

(Selena's P.O.V.)

*1 week later*

I woke up by the sun in my face . I've been waking up like that a lot lately . It was really annoying .

I get up from bed and go to the bathroom . I was a mess . My hair was poofy and my mascara was smeared . I clean my mascara off . I just left my hair how it was i didn't care . It was only 8 in the morning . I brushed my teeth .

After i was done, i was checking my phone . I was on Twitter and the top trend was #JelenasAnniverasary ! I was smiling really big . Today was mine and Justin's 3 years ! 3 years that he has been mine . 3 years . I soon hear the doorbell ring .

I walk down the stairs . I open it and i have a huge smile on my face . Ear to ear .

Justin: Happy anniversary princesss !

He then cupped my face with his hands and gave me a passionate kiss . I then pulled out of the kiss

Selena: Happy anniversary Juju . I love you to the moon and back .

Justin: I came now because i asked you out at 8:43 . And its 8:43 !

We soon started kissing again . He picked me up with out breaking the kiss . I wrapped my legs around his waist . He walked in the house and slammed the door shut with his foot . He was walking up the stairs . We still haven't broken the kiss . He threw me on to the bed . He got on top of me . He broke the kiss when he took off my shirt . He then started kissing my neck . I started moaning . It was then my turn . I then got on top of him . I whispered in his ear .

Selena: My turn now .

He just smirked at me . I started sucking on his neck . I was also kissing him a lot . I then took of his shirt . I didn't know i'll go further but i did . I took off his pants . He then got on top of me and took of my pants and undergarments off . I soon took his off . He just looked at me uncertain if i was ready . Me and Justin were dating for 3 years but never got this far .

Justin: You ready ?

I nodded my head yes and the next thing you know . Justin was inside of me . It hurt . I was still a virgin what do you expect . But how i said WAS . I was scratching my nails on his back of how bad it hurt . He was going in and out .


Justin: That's right baby . Scream my name .

He started going faster and faster .


Justin: Hold on baby . I'm almost done .


Justin: 1-2-3-4... Last one . 5 .

He then collapsed on me .

Selena: I-I lo-love you .

I was breathing really heavy and so was he .

We were dead asleep, wrapped around the blankets, cuddled in each other's arms .


(Justin's P.O.V.)

What me and Selena did 4 hours ago was that best . I never thought i'll do that with her until i was like 22 .

I was wide awake . Selena was still dead asleep . She looked so peaceful it looked really cute . She woke up after 10 minutes .

Justin: Hello there sleepy head .

Selena: Ughh.

She was still tired because she dug her face in the crook of me neck . She was mumbling something against my neck .

Justin: What babe ?

She took her head off my neck and looked up at me .

Selena: I love what we did .

I smiled big .

Justin: Me too . Good way to start out our anniversary .

She smiled and nodded, then she dug her head back into the crook of my neck .

Justin: You need to get up sleepy head . We have plans.

Selena: What are we do-

Justin: We're going to the beach . So put on your bikini !

Selena: Now ?

Justin: Yes now .

Selena: Ughh finee !

Selena's naked body got up and walked to the bathroom . I bit my lip .

Selena: Perv.

Justin: I LOVE YOU !

We both started laughing . She got into the bathroom . I soon heard the shower turn on . She took 15 minutes to get ready and everything . She came out the bathroom with a blue bikini .

Justin: Omg baby . You look booootyfulll !

Selena: Thanks babe . Your turn to change . You left a bathi-

Justin: Its fine, i brought me own .

Selena: Okay .

I just layed there in bed checking her out . She then clapped her hands .

Selena: Hope you know its not nice to stare .

Justin: Well i'm not staring . I'm checking you out . That's different.

Selena: Well stop and get ready !

Justin: Fineee ! I'll go get my bathing suit from the car .

Selena: Hurry up !

(Selena's P.O.V.)

Justin left to go get his bathing suit . He looked so cute when he wakes up . His hair was all spiked up . It was soo adorable .

I put high wasted shorts and a tank top that is short over my bathing suit . I also put on sandals. Justin soon came back in .

Justin: Omg baby . You look so cutee !

Selena: Thanks baby .

Justin went into the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed .

He soon got out and he was wearing blue boxers under his swim trunks . They were also blue . You saw part of his boxers . I think its adorable when he wears it like that .

Selena: Awww, you look so adorable !

Justin: Not so bad yourself .

He then pecked my lips .

Selena: So we gonna go now ?

Justin: Yeahh ! Come on .

He put his hand out for me to grab it . I grabbed it and we walked out the door and into his car . The song 'All that matters' came on the radio .

Justin: Your all that matters to me ! Yeah, yeah .

I joined in with him .

Selena&Justin: What's a king's bed without a queen . There ain't no i in team to make me complete. Your all that matters to me .

The song ended .

Selena: I'm your #1 fan ! Forever and Always . I'm a true belieber !

I put my hand on my chest . He just started laughing at me .

Justin: I know you are baby .

A couple minutes later we got to the beach . The sun was so clear an blue . It was empty , no one was there expect for me and Justin . We started walking around.

Selena: How come its empty ?

Justin: Because i reserved it so its only us . I really don't want beliebers attacking us .

Selena: I love your beliebers . More than anything .

Justin: So you love them more than me ? Oh okay then .

He started walking faster . He was in front of me so i ran and jumped on his back .

Selena: You know i love you to the moon and back .

I got off his back and walked in front of Justin . We stopped walking and i was facing him .

Justin: I know you do . I just wanted to hear you say it .

Selena: I honestly don't know what i would've done without you !

We both started smiling . He then smashed his lips against mine . We were going in sync . I soon broke the kiss and took off me shorts, shirt and sandals. Then ran inside the water .


Selena: IN THE OCEAN !

Justin: NO YOU'RE NOT !

Selena: WATCH ME !

I ran inside the water as fast as i could . I turned around and saw Justin taking off his shirt and shoes and he started running. I soon got in and Justin was right behind me . He grabbed my waist by one of his arms and spun me around . He then put me down .

Selena: I love you .

Justin: Well i love you more !

Selena: Not possible .

Justin: Uh huh !

Selena: You can keep telling your self that .

We both started laughing but then a huge wave went over us .

The next thing you know i'm under water . I got up and didn't see Justin anywhere . I got scared .

Selena: JUSTINNNNNN !!!????

I kept yelling his name but he didn't respond .


I was soon being picked up from someone under the water . I screamed as loud as i could . I then looked down and it was the one and only Justin .

Selena: Omg Justin !!! You scared meee !!!!

Justin: I can tell !

He started laughing .

Selena: Shut uppppp !!

Justin: No !

Selena: Yes !

Justin: I won't shut up until you kiss me !

Selena: I guess you would never shut up then .

I got off his shoulders and started walking away .

Justin: BABBBYYY !

Selena: Yes ?

Justin: You need to kiss me !

Selena: No .

I got picked up by the waist and turned around .

Justin: Its our anniversary .

He did the puppy dog face and i couldn't resist it .

I smashed my lips against his . He smiled against the kiss . I pulled away .

Selena: Happy ?

Justin: Very !

I started laughing and started walking to the beach .

Selena: Come on ! You joining me?

Justin: DUHHH !!

Selena: Then come on !

I put my hand out so he could grab it . He grabbed it and we continued walking . We soon got in the water .

The waves calmed down so there weren't any big waves . We were just there talking of our memories together .

Justin: All of our memories were perfect .

Selena: Yes they were !

He grabbed my face and smashed my lips against his . I pulled away .

Selena: I love you so much Juju ! Like i can't even explain ! When you first moved here to Atlanta i thought you were the cutest thing at the park ! I was too shy to talk to you because i saw you on youtube and i thought you were an amazing ! Every single time i went to the park and you were there ! Then you like became famous and i went to your M&G . You then gave me your number ! And ughh i could go on but we all know where this leads too !

We both started smiling and giggling .

Justin: When i saw you coming up to me, the picture of you on the bench on your phone came in my mind . I never forgot about you . I was happy that you went because i knew i had to make my move then . And i did . I love you Sel .

He smashed his lips against mine and we went sync . It felt like we been in that kiss for the longest . We broke the kiss .

Justin: We should get out and lay down on the sand because we are turning into raisins !

Selena: You got that right ! Lets goo !

Justin: Okay, come on !

We both started walking out and when we got on the sand i jumped on his back . He wasn't paying attention when i jumped on his back so we fell on the sand . We started cracking up .

Justin: Baby, what was that about?

Selena: I didn't want to walk !

Justin: Omg babe .

Selena: What !? I love getting on your back !

Justin: I know you do, and i love getting on yours !

He jumped on my back . He was on my back and i started to walk . I only took like 2 steps and fell .

We bursted out laughing .

Selena: I at least carried you and walked ! You just fell !

I stuck my tongue out and he grabbed it with his hands .

I tried talking but i failed .

Justin: Well i got your tongue !

Selena: Et o !

Justin: What babe ?

Selena: ET O !

Justin: Awww you sound so adorable !

Selena: Uthin et oo !!

Justin: You sound like a 2 year old babe !

I just stayed quiet . I sounded weird . He finally let go . I got up and walked away .

Justin: Baby ?

Selena: Hmm .

Justin: Come here !

Selena: No !

He ran up to me and picked me up from the waist and threw me into the air . I screamed . I fell in his arms .


He was just laughing at me .

Justin: I'll catch you if you fall .

He pecked my lips .

Selena: Your my lifesaver .

Justin: And you are mine !

Selena: Omg i love you !

Justin: How much ?

Selena: Lets just say i'll take a bullet for you any day .

Justin: I would kill myself for you .

I pecked his lips .

Justin: How long have we been here ?

Selena: About 5 hours .

Justin: Oh we gotta go i have other plans too !

Selena: Where we going ?

Justin: You'll see . Now lets go get our clothes .

Selena: Okayy ! Beat you there !

I started running as fast as i could. Justin wasn't that far behind me if he speeded up a little bit, he would beat me .

I won by half a second . I started jumping up and down .

Justin: You win this time Selena Gomez . But not the next .

Selena: Whatever !

I put my high waste shorts and crop top on and sandals . Justin just needed to put his white v neck on and shoes .

We soon headed wherever Justin was taking me .

(Justin's P.O.V.)

Selena and I got in the car . I was planning to take her somewhere cute .

We soon got there to the park . But we weren't gonna be at the park .

Justin: Just saying we aren't gonna be at the park .

We both got out of the car and i took her hand . We started walking inside the woods .

Selena: Where are we going !?

Justin: You'll see !

We soon got to the stop i wanted to go to . It was full of flowers . No trees in the middle . There were trees around it . It was pink beautiful flowers . In the middle of all the flowers i had a picnic for us.

I looked over to see Selena's face and her eyes were tearing up .

Justin: Aw baby, don't cry !

Selena: It so- so beautiful Justin ! I love it !

She hugged me so tight .

Justin: And i love you .

She gave me a passionate kiss .

Justin: Come on lets enjoy our picnic .

We walked over where the picnic was and started eating . We then heard a flash .

Selena: Ughh paparazzi !

Justin: Who cares about them ! Ima show them how much i love you .

I grabbed Selena's face a smashed her lips against mine for a long time ! I heard a lot of flashes go on . Selena smiled through the kiss . She broke the kiss and we both started smiling ear to ear . We just talked until we heard screams coming our way .

Selena: Your fans found you .

We saw them from a distance . I grabbed Selena's hand and we started running . We finally got out of the woods and into my car . We got out of the park and back to my house . We walked upstairs .

Justin: That was an awesome anniversary Baby .

Selena: Yes it was ! Now i just want to cuddle ! But i'm gonna go take a shower first!

Justin: I need to take a shower too. You can use the shower in my room i'll use the other one .

Selena: Ok Justy .

Selena walked away to go take a shower and so did i .

I got done with the shower and just put on my boxers . I walked back into my room and saw Selena in my bed with her hair in a ponytail and only in her underwear and bra .

Justin: Move over ! I'm your cuddle buddy !

She started giggling . I went under the covers as well and wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her close her to me . She turned around so she was facing me and rested her head on my stomach. We started watching movies but instead we were both on our phones.

The trend #JelenasAniversary was still trending. I looked at all the photos. I saw a really good one. It was one of Selena and I at the beach today kissing. I saved it and put it on Instagram. I captioned the photo.

@justinbieber: Omg baby I can't believe it's been 3 years already. I hope you know that I love you sooo much! Words can't explain how much you really mean to me. You're my world. I still remember meeting you at the M&G. You are so beautiful. I don't need anybody else, I only need you. These past years were amazing! I know there are plenty more to come. You're my best friend, girlfriend, ride or die, partner in crime, my world. You always supported me no matter what. We've had our ups and downs but we always get through them. Do you have any clue how cute you get whenever you get jealous? It's soo adorable. Don't worry baby you don't need to get jealous, you're the only girl i'm focus on. Today was amazing;) We kinda had to leave the picnic early but those couple minutes were still worth it:) I love everything you hate about yourself. Your always so insecure but I don't get why! You're beautiful. You're the definition of perfect. I will always love you😘💕@selenagomez

I checked Selena's profile. She also had a picture of us. Is was actually a 15 second video with our pictures. It had a caption as well.

@selenagomez: Happy 3 year anniversary babe😘 I love you so so soooo much💕 I can't believe it's only 3 years! Its felt like 5! But just wait 2 more years and then it'll be 5 years:) I'm looking forward of spending the rest of my life with you and only you. You're my everything. I know i can go to you whenever I'm upset. I know these past 3 years haven't been easy with all the rumors, paparazzi and hate but we get through it all. I'll fight for you. You're mine and only mine. No other girl can have you. You've always deal with my bipolar days. I know I can tell you everything😌 I'm very grateful to have you in my life. Never leave me because I need you. You make me very happy. You always turn my frown upside down. You always make the worst days the best days. Yes you can be a pain in the ass sometimes but your my pain in the ass and I love you for that. I've never think I would fall this hard for you but I did. I love all the days we hang out. I'll never expect you to be perfect. I love the way you are, weird, funny, handsome, careful, swaggy, and loveable. I love everything about you😘 I will love you forever💕 @justinbieber 😍😘💕

I smiled at the paragraph. I was about to comment something but I was interrupted by my phone falling on my chest and feelings soft warm lips. She pulled out and pecked my lips one last time.

Selena: I love you so much baby.

I looked at her and she was crying.

Selena: You're so sweet.

She said hugging me tight. I hugged back tighter with my hand around her waist.

Justin: I love you with all my heart.

She kissed me again. We started cuddling again. We soon drifted off to sleep. I'm holding my world in my hands.

A/N~ I added stuff in this chapter:) But chapter 6 complete! Do you like it?

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