A kinda dangerous love story

This is a romance and I haven't done a romance novella yet so I don't know how this will play out but bare with me. Anyway this is a story about a girl named Lillian who falls in love with a boy named Jason. But what happens when Jason discovers who she really is and who she is related to?


2. Chapter two.

After the rusty piece of metal finally started, I drove when I saw some kids toilet papering a house. I gritted my teeth and pulled over , "Hey!" I yelled. They glanced at me and laughed. I tightened my grip on my car wheel. I remembered my electric screwdriver and pulled it out but hid it partially so they knew I was holding something but they didn't know what it was. I stepped on the pedal of the car and it groaned and made a sound like a gunshot would, "NOW GET OUTTA THE YARD!" All the kids scrambled away. I laughed and put my screwdriver away after I kissed, "Works like a charm."

I walked into the so called 'school' but really it was just a prison that followed you everywhere. As people shoved past me in the hall I struggled to get to my locker. As I got my civics books I was carried away by the kids in the hall again. I walked into the class and shuffled towards the back row of the seats. Class hadn't started yet and there was still fifteen minutes until the bell rang I grabbed my notebook and started to sketch. When it happened...

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