A kinda dangerous love story

This is a romance and I haven't done a romance novella yet so I don't know how this will play out but bare with me. Anyway this is a story about a girl named Lillian who falls in love with a boy named Jason. But what happens when Jason discovers who she really is and who she is related to?


1. Chapter one.

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock. It was surprising, the feel of being so uncomfortable and irritated by the constant ring. Annoyed, and a bit more alarmed then I wanted to admit, I turned over and shut my alarm clock off, "Alarm clocks. No better way of saying good morning like a heart attack."I pulled my colorful comforter over my head. My pillow was like a puffy white summer cloud and my blankets were silky and soft pulling me into a hug. My mattress alone was like an escape that hid me from all my problems and worries. It took every ounce in my body to get up and start the day. I walked towards my dresser/mirror and pulled my multicolored black hair into a long ponytail. My eyes were always a piercing blue no matter what. I pulled out my makeup bag and put some mascara on. I curled my eyelashes and put some brown eyeliner on. I never put on eyeshadow unless it was a soft purple or light brown. I took my hair out of my ponytail and took out my straight ironer. I plugged it in and went to pick out my outfit. As I was walking I stepped on something, "WHAT THE HELL!?" I toppled over and tears formed in my eyes I sat up and looked to see what it was. I searched and finally picked up a phone charger that was now bent. I cursed and threw it. Once I got ahold of myself I softly grabbed a band-aid and put it over the puncture. I limped over to my closet. I pulled out a black tank top and brown leather jacket with some dark blue skinny jeans. As I dressed I walked back to my dresser with the mirror on it and pulled out my hair band. I pulled out my phone and played some music. After I was finished I ran downstairs made some toast that ended up to be burnt and grabbed my car keys.

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