Forever and Always

Blair Willows was beat everyday by her dad, and after, he would leave afterwards, and then she would run somewhere to cry after. But oneday, certain people found her and adopted her... Saving her...

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6. You Can’t Like Me, I Could Be A Robot

I woke up, the boys were nice enough to take me clothes shopping, so I finally got new clothing to wear, instead of the clothes I’ve been wearing for the past couple days.

The boys are in the ballroom practicing right now, I didn’t feel like watching, so I decided to leave the hotel and go to the café across the street.

Then a couple hours later, Niall came running into the café, panting and all.

“Where were you!? You had us worried sick.” He said.

“Now that you found me, would you like a donut?” I asked, waving one in his face.

“Yes please.”

“Here,” I threw one at him.

“We should go before this place gets swarmed.”

I laughed at that, “Okay.”


“Harry, seriously, where are you?” I called out. I have been trying to find him for the past hour. Yes, we are playing hind and go seek. I swear, I have searched the entire hotel, the lobby, ballroom, dining room...


I screamed, “God Harry don’t do that, I could have died!” I smacked his chest.

He laughed, “Blair, your funny.”

“How am I funny?”

“I don’t know, you just are.”

“You’re a dork.”

“How am I, the Harry Styles, a dork?”

I burst out laughing, “Okay, now you definitely sound like one.”

“Blair, I really like you.”

I choked for a minute, words at loss, “Uhh…Ummm…You can’t like me, I could be a robot.”

He sighed, “Seriously Blair, I really like you.”

“So, the Harry Styles likes me? Well then, I like him too, a lot.”

Harry hugged me, no kiss, just hugged me, such a man.

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