Forever and Always

Blair Willows was beat everyday by her dad, and after, he would leave afterwards, and then she would run somewhere to cry after. But oneday, certain people found her and adopted her... Saving her...

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2. Such A Noisy B*tch

I ran to his room to see if was home, which he isn’t, thank god. I walked to my room and changed into a black long sleeve sweat shirt and put a sweater over that. I’m losing a lot of blood, and I only got to bandage the cuts, and I definitely can’t go to the hospital because it’s not in the budget.

I walked out of our apartment, only to be stopped by Raquel.

“Hi honey, what are you up to?” she asked. “Uh… A walk,” I replied, trying to ignore the killer pain in my wrists. Such a noisy b*tch.

I ran out of the building, running as far away as possible, I saw an ally, walked into it, and blacked out.

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